Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsybloggers Carnival, June 6th: summertime

This week's carnival is brought to you by edi at memoriesforlife.

She has two summertime topics.  The one I chose is "what colors remind you of summer?  Have you been using these colors in your shop lately?  Show us!" 

I notice Edi and I think alike!  I've had summertime colors on my mind over the past few weeks.  I made a trial art journal (for my upcoming workshop) and picked bright colors for my pages: orange, yellow and light blue. 

Collaged and painted art journal
Any color that reminds me of the sun (yellow/red/orange) or a blue Caribbean sea, feels like summertime.  I used to work with all sorts of turquoise beads.  Now, my favorite color to paint with is orange!  

Lot #8 - (43) hand wrapped summertime colored paper beads

Also, last month I started wrapping paper beads using the pages of a children's book called "I'm Bad!"  Great title, don't you think?  It's all about a t-rex.  The beads are multi-color and so bright; I named them Summertime.  I had two "lots" on Etsy - one has sold already  {:-D  The one to the right here is still in my Etsy shop... for now!  For a full description, come by and visit.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Thanks for participating Deb :)
The journal looks great and your beads are a huge hit!

Saffron Road said...

Edi said what I was going to say! Love the bead!!!

BeadedTail said...

Those are lovely spring colors! I so like those beads!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Love your summertime beads! I just think it's amazing that you can make such beautiful beads from story books and comic books!

Guess I'll never be able to find "I'm Bad!" now that you've used it for beads..... :p

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