Sunday, July 17, 2011

craft cleanse - journal pages and material evidence

Folding in pages to a journal, for whatever reason, is something I've seen but never tried.  Until today.  It all started (here I go again) last night when I was decorating paper for a journal.  And then I wasn't happy with what I did.  Instead of getting mad and throwing a fit, I decided to use the paper in my junque journal.  I just taped a few sheets in with my washi tape, and cut the paper to fit my book.  They are much heavier than the composition book paper, which was another problem solved (more solutions at a later date.) 

Mission Two from my 30 day craft cleanse is Material Evidence, and I'm adding "materials pages" to the junque journal.  These particular pages are samples of materials and products I have at the house.  It works like an inventory but it's been much more fun using my supplies than just writing a list of products... like I was going to do!  I'm also thinking of scanning and printing all my material pages from my journal, so I came write notes to myself later.

This has become a great exercise and Moira knew exactly what would happen, "If the muse is whispering in your ear to make some art while you are working on your inventory this week (or month or however long), but all means listen!"  I'm not surprised that my mind wanted to get two things done at the same time, and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it!  Thanks for whispering into my muse's ear, Moira!

Here's my washi tape inventory
So far, I've completed material pages for my glitter pens and crayons, and now I have a page for my washi tape.  Not a whole bunch of tape, but when I saw them in a Etsy search last year, I knew I had to get some.  Today, when I was surfing around, trying to keep up with my Craft Cleanse, I came upon Julie K. who wrote about making your own faux Japanese masking tape. Since I don't have any fabric adhesive tape (one of the materials needed) I'll be saving this tutorial for another day.  I just printed the blog post off and taped it in with my washi tape!


BeadedTail said...

You're learning quite a bit from the workshop! It all sounds so interesting and freeing actually!

Erika said...

I agree with Beaded that you are learning a lot! I love the idea of having visual stimuli for future projects.

Jenny said...

awesome! that was a good idea to use the supplies rather than just list them.

Splendid Little Stars said...

love your journal and your creative processes! What fun!
(must check the washi tape out sometime...)

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