Thursday, August 11, 2011

AlphabeThursday - Q is for Quilt

I'm not a quiltmaker, or even one who sews, but I've always been attracted to handmade quilts and embroidery pieces.  I like the history that becomes part of the quilt.  One of my favorite movies is called How to Make an American Quilt.  Here's a trailer I found which pretty much explains the story, with the beautiful score by Thomas Newman.

I made a little weaving with card stock earlier in the week - it reminded me of a quilt.  You can make something similar, if you like.  I found the directions on Daisy Yellow's  blog.

card stock quilt
What's your favorite word, beginning with the letter Q?
Find out how other "students" answered that question in Ms. Jenny's AlphabeThursday class.


Designed By Dee said...

how CUTE!!!!!

Designed By Dee said...

tweeted and posted to fb I think it's so cute!!

Pretty Pretty Swicy said...

Deb, I too love and cherish quilts and wonder at the old ones histories.

That card stock weaving is wonderful!

Favorite Q word, hmmm ... might need to get back to you on that one.

MADA said...

In my country we do not have this tradition. Here are the details and a story of Bożena - textile artist from Poland
maybe you would like to read it?..
I love quilts ! I've seen this moovie, when it was released in 1995:)
fell in love .. with textile that tell the stories. Would love to have one someday ... and I know when I got one .. It will be very special.

Q word - quill :)

Sue said...

I liked that movie, too.


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I like that flick also! I can't sew to save my life, but I love quilts and have quite a few of them around my home...

JennieB said...

It does look like a quilt! Beautiful.

My mom makes quilts. They are a labor of love for sure!

BeadedTail said...

I like that card stock quilt! What a fun idea!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I really enjoyed the movie too.

Jenny said...

I've never seen that movie but I've read the book!

That weaving technique is really quite cool. It gives me an idea for my next batch of monthly cards...if I ever have enough time to make them!

Thanks for a beautiful link! I'm going to try and find that movie. Loved the book!

Thanks for sharing.


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