Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Etsybloggers Carnival - School Days

This week's etsybloggers carnival is brought to you by Erika at Artful Rising.  Her two topics are all about the new school year.

1. It is Back to School! Show off your back to school fashions, jewelry, supplies, gift ideas from your shop.
2. Share a memory from your school days.

summer in the backyard in New Jersey; Deb on the right
I had a hard time thinking back so many years ago, but one thing I remember vividly was the first day of classes when I was going into the sixth grade.  Every year, all the students would sit on the floor in the gym.  Then one teacher at a time, starting with the first grade, would stand up in the front and everyone's names would be called for that class.  One by one.  There was always at least two, sometimes three classes per grade.  Each class would file out of the gym after all the names were called and go to their classroom (this was before the invention of the computer!)

So us “big” kids would have to wait until all the lower classes were picked, and then it was our turn.  I was sitting next to my best friend at the time, Joni.  One by one, all the students’ names were called and the classes (there was three) went to their rooms.  And I was left on the floor, all by myself! 

They had left my name off the roster!  The principal, or someone from the front office, came up to me and asked me what class I wanted to be in.  So I gave them the name of the teacher I thought Joni had gone with.  And it was the wrong one!  I was devastated.  I walked into a room full of students, and didn't see any of my close friends.  Needless to say, I made a new best friend.

They added someone else's name to my elementary school !

And now that I look back, that experience was a forewarning of  things to come.  It was the summer between my sixth and seventh grade that I got deathly ill and missed half of my next school year!      


Erika said...

That was a great memory. Until the part about being deathly ill. Yikes!

BeadedTail said...

That's too bad you picked the wrong class but at least you made new friends! The deathly ill part sounds awful but thankfully you got better!

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