Monday, August 1, 2011

A Month in Photographs - July

July 1st started with a crazy trip home from Washington State.  We missed our plane and thought we were going to spend the 4th in the airport.  Finally the six of us left on three different planes (8 -that's Salt Lake, Utah out the window).  What a mess.  I made and started my own Junque Journal (7), writing about the 33 computer viruses we picked up!  All was repaired.  The month was filled with creativity.  I took an online "creative vision workshop" with Artful Rising (4) and a "30 day craft cleanse" with Moira Richardson (3).  I relegated my beads to the bottom of my metal desk (5) and will soon take inventory of them, destash, and plan to begin some online giveaways.  Spent the rest of the month taking stock of my art journaling supplies (2), and using them on my evidence pages (6).  I stood up to my craft demon (1) and haven't bought any new supplies (just magazines) since beginning my craft cleanse.  Finally, at the end of the month, I listed a new "Collage and painted art journal" (9) on Etsy. 

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BeadedTail said...

You really did have a creative month! I need to add more journal stuff to my months but I'm working on it!

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