Monday, August 8, 2011

TLC assistance in your studio

One of the Tasks for Mission 12 in my 30 Day Craft Cleanse is to "make a list of 3 areas that need a little TLC assistance in your studio space."  Moira recommends baby steps - an excellent idea! 

This weekend I tackled what I consider my most important area: paper storage. 
First of all, furniture had to be moved. 
living room tables
I decided to divide my flat file unit in half, and put the top portion in the living room.  Most of my bookmaking takes place here.  I also like to spread out on this large wooden table to paint and collage, so the shelves are handy for storing used butcher paper. 

zip-locs are great storage bags

I kept the bottom half of the unit in the studio (sharla - this room is attached to the house, as you can see).  My recycled paper now sits in a box on top of the unit, and is sorted by color in zip-loc bags.  This is a new idea that I picked up off the internet somewhere.  The larger bags (approx. 13" x 15½") were too big for the box, so they hang from the pegboard. 

My best papers (mostly Japanese) will stay in the drawer at the top of the flat file unit.  As planned, I created another flat surface to store things on!

large paper storage
Like most art journalists, I have loads of small pieces of paper that I can‘t seem to throw away. 

vegetable tray

So I’m very proud of the new storage container I came up with: I took a used vegetable tray and separated the paper by color.  I might just have to throw a party and get another tray, for more colors  (I reuse everything - my DH thinks I'm half nuts)!


Kay said...

I love the vegetable tray as an organizer!

Erika said...

I really like the tray idea! Something I am working on is to file my larger scraps of paper into file folders based on color. What I like about the tray is that I tend to get frustrated by the tiny bits and this would help me.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Doesn't it feel great to get organized!
Love your paper scrap storage! I need a better method!

Pretty Pretty Swicy said...

Your DH is lucky that you upcycle, reuse, recycle ... and that you make money with it all!

Your space(s)look awesome, and I know that it feel soooo good.


randomcreative said...

I love your vegetable tray paper sorter!

storybeader said...

PPS - DH read this blog, and said he doesn't think I'm crazy. We're both big recyclers {:-D

Kala said...

Love that tray idea and can there be anything better than recycling:):)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love paper, too, and keep lots of scraps. (And yes, I do use them!) They are in a couple bins. I like the tray idea of sorting by color. I may use Erika's idea of putting scraps by color in file folders. (because that's what I have on hand right now.)
I don't think you're crazy because then I'd be crazy, too!

Jenny said...

nice! you are continuing to inspire me! I don't really have a studio space, it's pretty much where I can find room. But we have a guest room/office that we almost never use so I think it has potential to be converted into my work space.

Teddi said...

well done! you are very organized. this must make using your supplies so much more effective. :)

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