Sunday, September 4, 2011

Art Journaling Workshop in Lawton

Deb's Junque Journal

I'll be giving a visual art journaling workshop at the museum next month, and my mind is spinning with what to say to my "students" as I relax with my own pages.  First of all, we'll each make our own junque journal, which is a hybrid of a sketchbook and a journal or diary.  These books are similar, but not the same, as a journal made of junk, which I call a junk journal.

After putting together our journals, I'll give a few pointers and show everyone how to take advantage of their new creations.  They can be used as:

1)  an art journal 
A Common Sense Breakfast
2) a diary or datebook
August 6-8, 2011
3) a scrapbook/photo album
P is for Partay
or a combination of all the above!

Supplies will be furnished.  We'll also make our own watercolor sprays and learn easy ways of  "tilting- in" extra pages.  There will be hand-outs with a buyer's directory and a reading list that includes both books and internet sites.  The workshop is opened to adults and will be located at the Museum of the Great Plains, Saturday afternoon, October 8th.  Discount for MGP members.  Call 580-581-3460 for more information and to save your spot.  I'm sure we'll have loads of fun!


randomcreative said...

That's awesome, Deb! I hope that it goes well.

BeadedTail said...

Oh I wish I could be in your class! I hope everyone has a great time!

Splendid Little Stars said...

!!! Wonderful, Deb! How exciting! wish I was nearby!

Erika said...

That is great, Deb! It is great that the museum is offering such a class--I think things like these help build community with the business.
You know I would be there! I keep thinking that it would be great to have retreat-like workshop with you, Sharla, and Edi!!

Skulleigh said...

How fun! Good luck with the class, I'm sure it will go great!

buy rift account said...

Cool! that was absolutely awesome.=D

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