Friday, September 2, 2011

Short Term Goals for September

Another month just flew by.  And did I accomplish my goals from August?  Yes, I did something with all of them, and that pleases me.  I kept my Craft Cleanse pledge and didn't buy supplies, though I did pick up two magazines.  I didn't start my bead inventory, but had my first monthly bead giveaway.  Used for picking the winner - congrats. Michelle!  And then I lost a few pounds.  Baby steps {:-D

So what's up for September?
new destash on Etsy

1)  Start to destash online  
I decided to add a Destash Beads section to my Etsy shop, and began with two items...two strands of copper "crystal" pearl Swarovski beads.  As I destash online, I'll be creating an inventory automatically!  Later this month I will put up another bead giveaway.  Any suggestions?    

Note to self: take more pictures and count beads!

paper scrap tray
2)  Roll more paper beads
I need to roll some more paper beads, especially with holiday themes in mind.  Halloween and Thanksgiving will be upon us before you know it.  I'm planning to share a booth with a friend at some of the local Christmas fairs, so I need to stock up!    
Note to self: Get out old wrapping paper and buy more enamel spray.

from Junque Journal
3)  Take time for art journaling
Work on more intuitive journal pages.  Is that an oxymoron?   I just joined another art journaling course for the fall - real excited to get started.  Hopefully I can learn some new techniques and go wild with color.  Most of my drawings tell a story, and I like that.  Maybe it's something only I can see, but that's why each junque journal is so unique.    
Note to self: add haiku to pages, buy two orange pens, take some Fridays off work and set aside a few hours on the weekend for art journaling!

If you're interested in the art journal course, you can read about it here.  You do have to be a member of the Art Journaling Ning; why don't you come by my page, and look the place over?


Erika said...

doesn't it feel good to see progress with goals?
Have fun with the course!

Athena said...

Good for you for meeting your goals! I'm looking forward to seeing your paper beads. :)

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I love your paper beads! And Christmas ones would be awesome. Good luck with the craft fairs!

Linda Pruitt said...

Deb, I think of you often when I wear the bracelet I made from the beads you sent in the Journal exchange last year. Looking forward to seeing more of your paper beads!

randomcreative said...

I think that a glass bead giveaway would be awesome. Good luck with making more beads and getting ready for the craft fairs. I'm doing one in November this year and am nowhere near ready yet.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Congrats on working on all your August goals!!!
And good luck with September :) You've got great plans!

BeadedTail said...

Congrats on your success with your August goals and I wish you the best with your new goals too! I think I found the pounds you lost! :)

Kathleen said...

Congrats on your August goals - nice way to record your progress!

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