Monday, October 10, 2011

Etsy teams - are you a good member?

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One of my short term goals for October was to reevaluate the storybeader's standing in Etsy.  One question I wanted to look closely at is “Am I a good team member?

Like organizations in a town, the teams on Etsy keep this business thriving.  It’s one reason I’m still involved.  If you are an Etsy seller or buyer, I'm sure you can understand my concerns about team membership.  Below are the six (yes count them, six!) teams I belong to.  I need to reevaluate my contributions and act accordingly.  Here goes:

The OKetsy team was the first team I joined.  My state team’s only rule is “to have fun and respect each other and each other's work!"  I’m not involved with this group, mainly because I don’t live near the activities. But because it represents my state, I plan to stay a member.

The Etsybloggers was the second team I joined, back in the spring of 2008, shortly after I started blogging.  My best friends belong to this team and I "talk" to them every day.  But lately, only a few members participate in the activities (many of them mandatory).  And many don’t even have their shops open anymore.  We have a membership count of 206, but I know that’s not accurate.  Nothing is being done to update the team and people are falling by the wayside.  Because of all this, I will discontinue my membership.     

The BBA team (Blogging Business Artisans) is a brand new team I've joined which is exactly what I'm looking for - artisans involved in blogging who are business oriented.  I hope to meet other artists with the same interests as myself in the near future.  The team is currently closed to new members while they iron out all the kinks.    

The Etsy Blog Team is another new blogging team, founded in Feb 2011.  As they state themselves, they are there to "Shamelessly promote” their own blogs!  I'm not sure how many people actually visit the links I leave on the team thread,  but a few members have come by my site.  I joined because there are 1614 members.  WOW!  Shameless!  No rules, except membership is open to bloggers and people who enjoy “reading cool blogs.”  That's about everyone on Etsy!  I'm staying for the moment.

I joined the AWE team (Art Walk on Etsy,) better known as First Friday Art Walk (FFAW) back in July 2010.  I enjoyed Art Walks and thought what a great idea, to have an art walk on Etsy.  The way I participate in this team is to make a treasury every First Friday.  There is a core membership who chat here regularly but I’m a mostly silent partner, which is ok with them.  I’ve enjoyed the friendships made here and believe it’s good team to keep.  I should be more involved and I will try harder in the future.    

The only requirement of the Handmade Harbor team is to be a friend to handmade artists.  And that’s me!  The team is not very active - I actually thought everyone had stopped posting comments a few weeks ago.  Their membership is more international than the other teams and I like that.  But I’ve been a bad member, not joining in on conversations and being friendly.  I haven’t even used the team tag (hahateam).  So I will start to join in on more conversations and see how it goes.  

So there‘s a good look at what my team participation on Etsy is.  It looks like the one team I’m the most interested in has most of my attention.  Which is a good thing.  I will work harder at being more involved in other teams and see how it goes.  Next week I’ll look at the other side of being an Etsy seller, the community activities that are available.


randomcreative said...

This is a great idea for a post! As we've started BBA, I've been evaluating this for myself, too. I look forward to your seller post.

BeadedTail said...

I need to revaluate some teams too. I mainly participate in the Etsy Angels and I'll keep up with my friends like you in the BBA team!

Abby said...

I've been doing the same--reevaluating. But then, I do that regularly. I find that I am not now inclined to particpate in several that I joined for various reasons. But I never thought about blogging about it! Good job!

Splendid Little Stars said...

good analysis!
I belong to 4, one of which is brand new. That will get most of my time. One I was very active in, but that one is disintegrating. One is my hometown team, and I think I'll pay some attention to it and see where that leads. One is very large and people seem to use it to post and run. Not sure if that is really helpful.
I have invitations to 2, but I have not joined. One is a huge blog team. The other is a scavenger hunt team. That one may be interesting.
The analysis for myself is I only have so much time and I'd like to use it where impact can be felt and where it is fun and inspiring to be.
(happy to be on YOUR team!)

Waterrose said...

I won't even mention how many teams I'm on, but there are only a select few that I participate in. Some teams just seem to fizzle out...which isn't amazing since it takes a lot of work to keep one going.

Kathleen said...

Good reminder to us all to put our time and talents where our hearts are. Without doing a little study, we may find that we are scattering ourselves ineffectively over the WWW and end up frustrated. Thanks for the great post!

Judy Nolan said...

Deb, I am evaluating my own activity on teams, some of which are the same as yours. As you know, this past year has been challenging with my dad's illness and subsequent death in July, so I've not been able to keep up with team commitments. I think you made some good decisions, and wish you good luck with the teams where you're continuing and/or starting.

AsteropeBC said...

I've found that some teams I joined did not fit my personality or style. Others work really well for me. I think it is a great idea to take a step back and decide which teams are really a good match.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

My experience with teams is much the same as yours. Some are very active, some are shameless promos and others are not active at all. I am part of each team for a differetn reason and reevaluate these a few times per year to see if I want to remain a part of my teams.
I'm super excited about the BBA Team!!!

Lily said...

Great post, very effective message. Only 4 teams here, but I did an eval myself a couple of weeks ago.

Sad that the team that we met on so long ago, is by all considerations, gone. We ROCKED back in the day!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

I've evaluated also and have removed several 'big' teams I was on that were just promotion. I need to dig deeper though, and remove my membership from those that I really never participate in. (But I feel guilty about pulling out, go figure!) Time is such a huge factor.

I have 3 shops and am on teams in each that pertain to the shop. Also on 3 (now 4!) blog teams and definitely have gotten comments and followers from those teams. Excited about BBA!

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