Thursday, October 6, 2011

Y is just one question

Did you know that I wanted to be a journalist, when I graduated from high school?  I didn't end up as one, but I still write all of the time.  When I'm dealing with factual information, I always look for the 5Ws.   For example, this post:

who:  I'm the storybeader
what : I'm trying to make interesting posts
where: on Stroll Through Storyland
why: because I want to entertain people
when: (or is it how?) on Thursday, of course!

Our AlphabeThursday meme is all about being a reporter, and a detective, finding fun topics to write about once a week.  This post started with me looking for a tangle beginning with the letter Y.  But gosh, there's only three available on and I didn't really like the patterns.  What should I do?  Skip class?  This got me thinking, we're almost to the end of the alphabet... 

(this is our teacher, you can meet her at "off on my tangent")
Ms. Jenny, are we going to start all over again?  If we do, can I change my strategy?  I'll be a good girl.  I'll make an alphabet book for the kids in the lower grades.  For example, this week is the letter Y (did I say that already?)   I wanted to use a noun that portrays me, and would be fun to include in my art journaling.  And it hit me, a word that you can organized on paper:  YEAR !

Let's go see what my other classmates are
writing about, using the letter Y !


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Your Y page turned out great! I hope you do another alphabet :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I really like your year page. I hope you do a page for each letter next time.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

L♥ve this calendar! Perfect for Y (I never even thought of Year when I was thinking of Y words!!!)

Cathy Kennedy said...

Very nice - great 'Y' post for the classroom.

Come by to read today's post:

Lola said...

Great ‘Y’ post - love the calendar!

Happy Alphabe-Thursday!



randomcreative said...

I love your calendar page! Fun post for the letter Y.

BeadedTail said...

That was a clever use of the letter Y! I love the page too!

Karen S. said...

Oh this is very cool...and it seems that we are all just having a lot of fun with this letter Y!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great Y post! love you year journal page!

Jenny said...

Oh wow. This might be my favorite journal page of yours.

But, to be honest, I think that almost every week - ha!

Yes! I think we should start over. I'll tell you what's happening in the Z link, but I have a cool 'theme' I want to try out so I'm totally excited about doing Round 4!

Thanks for a fun stop for the letter "Y".


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