Monday, December 5, 2011

Short Term Goals for December

This past month went by quickly, with lots of time spent away from work, visiting with doctors and being ill.  I made two sets of paper holiday beads, but nothing sold from my Etsy shop in November.  Renewing items didn't seem to help any, so I'm thinking I need another approach.  One of my goals from last month was to start a new weekly journal.  But after I tried it, I decided I didn't like the idea.  Another goal was to stay away from chocolate.  I did a great job until the end of the month, when DH made some fudge!

For December, I have three new goals:

Increase my shop inventory for the upcoming holidays.
It's a little late to put additional items in my shop, related to the December holidays.  So I decided to create products that people usually buy for New Years and Valentine's Day.
What to do:  Make a list and add new items to my Etsy shop with New Years and Valentine's Day in mind.   

 Make new art journals
Like I mentioned in my November Month of Photographs, I have about 20 pages left in my art journal (I began it back on July 9th).  This is perfect timing to make another journal for the new year.  I've enjoyed using this 9.75" x 7.5" composition book format.  When I make myself another one, I'll also put together one or two for my shop!  Market it as a Junque Journal for the new year!
What to do:  Buy composition books, ribbon and paper for 3 new Junque Journals.

Spend time each day visiting Pinterest pages and improving my page
Pinterest is a site that my art journaling instructor, Moira Richardson, introduced to me.  (Here's her new blog!)  I enjoy Pinterest more than other social media sites; it's fun, useful, and can be a good marketing tool.  But I should know more about how it works and how to use it.     
What to do:  Start reading the official Pinterest blog, find more friends and make some new boards. 


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great job on staying way from chocolate. A little fudge is always okay :)
Good luck with stocking for the new year...your Junque Journals will go great in your shop!

Erika said...

You always do a good job tracking your goals. I am like you in that I basically ignored holiday products and am working on things for the new year. Hope our approach works for both of us.

It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

Paige (Final Clothes-Out) said...

I'm with you on adding more items to your shop! I have two shops now (because I'm crazy) and I need to add more to both. Whew!

Athena said...

You ARE really good with goals- I need to be more like you. And I'm really sorry you were feeling ill for so long. :(

Kathleen said...

Good job of tracking your goals and knowing where you are going and how you are doing. I haven't used Pinterest, but it has been suggested before. Going to check it you - and make that one of my goals =) Thanks for the link.

BeadedTail said...

I need to look into Pinterest sometime I guess but it probably won't be until May now. Your goals always make me realized I need to be making some goals too!

Rose said...

I think that adding more inventory will definitely increase interest in your shop. Renewing does help for me, but adding new items helps a lot more. I try to add 1-2 new items per week.

I did focus on holiday related items, but I'm already so excited for my 2012 projects. I need to stay focused and get all of my Christmas stuff done first.

Judy Nolan said...

I like the idea of the Junque journals, too, as others have mentioned, but I think the most important tip is the one provided by Rose: increase the number of items in your shop. Not only does that provide greater selection to potential buyers, but it increases your visibility. Save a piece of that chocolate for me, by the way! :-)

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