Saturday, December 31, 2011

Short Term Goals for January

Many of you know that I like giving myself these monthly goals because it helps me finish projects.  And I can look back and evaluate what was done.  One task I had for December was to make more art journals.  I completed  three!  I also wanted to increase my inventory.  Well, let's just say I did that with the journals, even though I actually wanted to make some Valentine's Day cards.  But I’m not too interested in making cards, and I shouldn‘t force myself!  I wanted to spend some more time on Pinterest last month too, but leaned more towards Twitter and Entrecard.  But any social networking is good social networking.  

So many things happen at the beginning of the year that I always set certain goals.  Here are three goals that are important to me this year:
1) Get organize for the new year.

At the beginning of every year, I try to organize both personal and business records.  That means starting new digital files on Quicken (the home and office software I got back in 2008).  It still works fine and I give the information gathered from it to our CPA.  I didn't sell a lot of items in 2011, so I'm hoping that I can still keep my tax status.
What To Do:  Switch out hanging files for home and for office and start new Quicken files.  Also print out my business expenses from last year and try to find anything (like mortgage interest and medical bills) that we can use for tax write offs.    

2) Start my new art journaling class.
I signed up for a whole year of art journaling with Moira Richardson.  It's called Weekly Art Date, and it was less expensive if I signed up for the whole year instead of quarterly. I've learned so much from Moira, it's worth it.  She includes video tutorials, prompts, giveaways and stock photographs.  
What To Do: Get a new journal to use for class, and make time to visit her class (luckily it‘s weekly, not daily - like her last class!)

3) Continue with my exercise program.
Does that sound like going to the gym?  No, it's xbox!  We bought one just before Christmas, and I've gotten into the habit of exercising 3-4 times a week with the "YourShape: Fitness Evolved 2012."   I really like the kick boxing, and there are different levels for all the exercises.  I can also take Yoga and Zen classes.  For me, most of the different ethnic dance classes are still too difficult. I can try them out, but only when the doggies are watching.  Our whole family is going on vacation in May, so I'd like to loose weight and get into a bathing suit again this spring and summer.
What To Do:  Continue exercising at least two days during the week and 1-2 days on the weekend.  Try some of the African Rhythms "classes" and some of the running. 


Rose said...

Good luck with your goals! I look forward to seeing what you do in your new journaling class.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

2011 was a successful year :) I hope 2012 is even better! Good luck with all your goals for the new year!

BeadedTail said...

Those are great goals for 2012! I love Quicken and use it for our personal and my business stuff too! I'm going out today to get me a journal that I can sit beside me on my desk during tax season as someone suggested. It'll be one that I can write things that probably will need to be destroyed after tax season. :) I'm also going to get one to write my exercise goals and the steps I take to reach those goals.

Good luck to you on reaching all your goals!

Erika said...

These are good goals. I need to get my goals for January down on paper; I found I did so much more in December once I got things down and had that accountability.


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