Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art journaling - January calendar, week 2

A classmate in my art journaling course asked if I would take a photo of my entire calendar.  Here it is, Satina.

Two weeks + completed.

I think I want to add more color in the coming weeks.  Next month, I'll use a larger sheet of watercolor paper, tape it in the journal (like this page) and fold it, so it fits inside the boundaries of the book.  

Do you have a calendar that you write on?


Nancy said...

Lovely! Mine isn't nearly as colorful or creative!

Rose said...

Happy birthday Deb!! Your calendar looks great so far. I don't write on the calendar that we have in the kitchen. I keep my calendar stuff in my phone. Boring, right?

Sher said...

Beautiful! I'm more of a techie type journaler. However, when it comes to my appointments, I keep them on my Lang pocket calendar.

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