Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Link List - ribbon

art journal by Storybeader on Etsy
I've never been one to wear ribbons or lace - didn't have anything to do with them growing up.  Then just last year, I started using ribbons with my art journals.  You see, a journal will "grow" as you advance through the pages and the ribbons tied around the spine will keep the pages snug.  I also use them to tie the book closed.

The cost of ribbon spools are very reasonable - they're a great addition to any project.  I've had fun mixing and matching different spools of color together.  But how should I organize my growing collection?

Here's one way:  I found this nice looking storage rack at an Etsy shop called DeesNecklaceHolders.  Duane (shopowner) makes all kinds of stylish organizers.  He has two different sizes available for sale; the larger one (above) can hold over 70 spools!    

Another wonderful item I found on Etsy were stamped ribbons, in a beautiful shop called Nancy's Lavender Farm. I like the "hand frayed and hand distressed" look the best.   If you don't have neat handwriting yourself, this is the way to go!

After seeing Nancy's shop with dozens of hand stamped ribbons, I wondered if I could do it myself? I frequently use YouTube as my personal tutor, but found this interesting video on eHow by Fran Bricken. She shows you how to stamp both ribbon and fabric.

But what to do with all those left-over pieces of ribbon?  Why not create your own fabric labels and attach them to clothing or to the products you make.  Here's step by step instructions by narchi at instructables.  (I believe narchi also has an Etsy shop, with digital prints).

Do you buy ribbon?  What do you use it for?  


Linda B said...

I usually use it to wrap packages, but the cats like to play with it, so I'm using it less and less now.

Fun post about stamped ribbons.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I use ribbon all the time! And organizing it has been one of the biggest challenges! I like an organizer that allows me to take one spool off at a time rather than having to undo the whole system to get one empty spool out.

I love the hand stamped ribbon you showed here!

Sher said...

What great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rose said...

I love the idea of stamping or decorating ribbon! The biggest thing that I use ribbon for is tying up my jewelry boxes. Lately I've been saving those scraps and using them on cards. I may use more ribbon on cards in the future, too.

Edi wrote a great post about a year ago about her ribbon storage.

BeadedTail said...

I use ribbons on the wrapped packages for my jewelry sales. I've only recently started noticing all the different types of ribbons and think I could become a ribbon collector very easily! I like all your ideas!

Kathleen said...

Cool! I like the fabric stamping. Looks like fun =)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love to use ribbon to weave with my son!

Splendid Little Stars said...

cool ribbon organizer! I keep my ribbons in boxes. I have stamped on ribbon before when making cards. In the past, I researched stamping or printing on fabric to make clothing labels. My concern is that over time, this washes away or fades. So for now I screen print my clothing labels.

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