Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Term Goals for February

I was extremely busy in January, so I'm very pleased that I completed all three goals for the month.  I got my finances in order and took all our tax info to the CPA (just yesterday I got a call - they're done!)  My new journaling class started in January and I'm having a blast.  Always nice to challenge myself with new techniques.  And I'm exercising with my XBOX.    

To keep my health and sanity for this month, I'm looking to:

1) set up new fitness goals with the XBOX. 
I just realized I can ask the "Your Shape" software to set up a personal fitness program for myself.  I chose weight loss and trimming.     

What To Do: Follow the trainer and complete the fitness program it gives me. This might be pushing myself a little more than usual!

2) work on my new art journal.  
I started a new journal in January, but haven't reinforce the spine or added a ribbon for tying it closed (always have to put something on top of it to keep it closed!)

What To Do:  set aside an afternoon to complete the physical aspects of the  journal.  Also, continue writing in my February grid calendar, and show what I'm doing online.  

3) practice drawing and collaging faces.  
I spent only one week last month, drawing faces.  Then I moved on to other things I needed to complete.  So this month, I'm promising myself to spend more time and work with faces and shadowing.  Also work on altering some magazine images.  
What To Do:  Get a bunch of magazines to cut up.  Buy some watercolor  pencils that I can use for skin coloring.  Set aside a time in the day when I can draw my faces.  

That should keep me busy, right?  {:-D


Athena said...

As always, congrats on meeting your goals and good luck on your next one! I love your Dress Barn picture, and what you wrote gave me a chuckle. My sister and nieces live in a very small town, and it reminds me of what my older niece says: all the kids wear the same thing, because the only store to shop at is Walmart!

storybeader said...

thanks for the sweet comments. Your niece is so right. And for young ladies - what a horror! I feel for them!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Nice work meeting your goals! I'm most interested to hear about your XBOX workouts. We have one, but we only use it to play Batman for the time being. :-)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Congrats on meeting all three of your January goals!
I like the multi-media page. Lots of fun techniques and colors!

Nancy said...

Great post Deb! It's nice that you've only listed a few broad goals so that you can continue to make progress on them throughout your timeline. I'm sure that you're feeling great that your taxes are complete too!

I started this process...but then had to stall out, still waiting for some paper work= ;(

Love, Yesterdays said...

Certainly will! so glad to hear you stuck to your goals. I should take a lesson or two from you :)

Rose said...

Congrats on completing your January goals! Good luck with the February goals. I can't wait to see your new journal and your February grid calendar.

BeadedTail said...

Yay for meeting your January goals! I'm sure you'll meet your February ones too! I started a journal using a composition book but I don't know how to embellish it so it's pretty plain.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations on meeting your January goals! continued success in February!
Pushing yourself will guarantee attaining new levels of competence and fitness!

Judy Nolan said...

Good luck with February's goals! By the way, I like what you did with the face...who says "working with faces" can't be a collage?!

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