Friday, March 2, 2012

Short Term Goals for March

This last month went by so quickly - nice to see it's almost spring again.  It begins this year on March 20 at 1:14 A.M. (E.D.T.)  I worked on all my goals last month.  Set up my personal exercise plan; it takes longer to complete than I thought.  I'm about 48% through.  I reinforced my art journal and painted in my calendar throughout the month.  I didn't draw as many faces as I planned, but did generate some portraits.  My new watercolor pencils came in the mail (they're lovely!) - I still need to go to the  recycling center and snag some more magazines.

This month, there are a lot of things happening online.  So I decided to pick three short term goals that I might need some help in completing:
parking lot next to the Museum and Lawton High School

1)  go outside and walk in the nice weather  
Going to the park and the pond down the street should be easy enough.  After work or on the weekend.  Spend some time with DH and the doggies.  And bring my camera too!
What To Do:  Buy Buster a new retractable leash for him to have more freedom on our walks.

2)  Participate in my art journaling Ning's new Challenge!
Leslie (Comfortable Shoes) is starting a new group on the Art Journaling Ning devoted to challenges.  They will begin March 4th.  There will be two Challenges! a month; each one consisting of  Image, Color, and Materials.  Should be fun.  I'm excited!  A lot of my favorite art journalers will be Hosts over the coming months.
What To Do:  Join the Challenge Group (Done!)  Wait to hear what the Challenges! are and complete them!  Share the results on my blog as well as with the group.

3) Try stamping on ribbon 
I remember seeing a tutorial about this some time ago.  Jana gave me a bunch of  ribbon (thanks Jana!) that she wasn't using.  So now I have seven large spools of pretty, monotone ribbon.  Let's try making something with it!
What To Do:  just do it, write about it, and use it!  One of them is turquoise (remember: the March BBArtisans Challenge includes turquoise!)


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Yes! I'm with you about going outside and enjoying the weather! We had an unusually mild winter here in Chicago, so it's already nice enough for that.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

These are great goals...and it sounds like you already have plans in place to complete them all!
Good luck :)

Stamping on twill ribbon is much easier than satin ribbon...just a tip to help get you started :)

Nancy said...

Sounds like a manageable 3 goals! I'm excited to see how the ribbon stamping comes out!

Rose said...

These are great goals! You're already on your way to working on all of them. The new challenges sound great. I look forward to seeing what you do with the ribbon.

Sandy Weaver said...

Sounds like a good plan. There's nothing like a walk in the park with furbabies and DH!

Kathleen said...

The great outdoors is calling to me, too!

BeadedTail said...

I love walking outside with dogs! :) I would never have thought of stamping on ribbon. Very interesting!

tamdoll said...

I love your to-dos, you seem to get so much done! I'm with you on the outdoor walking... in a few days all the snow should be melted here and I can get going and join you on that goal!

Judy Nolan said...

I'm especially interested in finding out what you learn about stamping on ribbon...what works well, and what does not.

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