Sunday, March 18, 2012

Treasury Spotlight - Honey From the Bee

Gulf Oil Spill Talisman Pendant Necklace
I don't know how I missed marking Honey From the Bee as a Favorite Etsy shop.  I guess I was in too much of a rush to look around.  (Sorry about that, Janet!  I love your jewelry!)

Let me show you around and if you like her shop, you should make it a favorite too.

Poppy Lampwork Glass Pendant - Carnelian Bead Necklace
Janet uses the finest gems and lampwork beads as the foundation of her jewelry.  Her pendants are very thoughtful.  There are a few different shop sections, like "nature inspired" and "romantic pieces".  She even has jewelry care supplies.  And don't forget the earrings; there's LOTS to choose from; to wear separately or match to one of the necklaces, all starting at $10.00.  

Victorian Inspired Mourning Dog Necklace - For the Love of a Dog
Some of the pendants are the only beads on the necklace.  Other times there are matching gemstones.  Many of her necklaces have to do with the ocean; maybe that's why I love her work so much.  She also creates animal themed jewelry, like this Victoria inspired mourning dog necklace.  Very nicely done!

Handmade Necklace of Silver Chain maille - Lampwork Bead focal
Just look at this beautiful lampwork bead on the "Sterling Silver graduated Byzantine chain"!  I love it.  It would be perfect, too, for the man who wears chains.  

Sunshine on my shoulders
And now I come to the reason I started my search through Janet's shop.  Her treasury (with members of the BBArtisans and UWB Team), called Sunshine on my Shoulders, was the only one I was in this week.  Great title for all these bright, cheerful pieces of art.  She included my summertime paper beads.  Thanks, Janet!  And what would I choose to include in this treasury, from her shop?  

What about her Bright Pink Bracelet!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great feature! Janet's pieces are so unique and I love that Pink Bracelet :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Janet makes such gorgeous pieces! That is a wonderful treasury, too!

BeadedTail said...

Lovely feature on Janet's pieces! Congrats on the treasury!

Janet Bocciardi said...

Wow! This was a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much for the feature and all the sweet comments. : ) You guys are the best!!

Kathleen said...

Lovely treasury and stunning jewelry! The necklace is really neat. Congrats!

Rose said...

Great idea for your feature post!

Nancy said...

Gorgeous! I love Janet's work, what a great feature:) And congrats on the treasuries!

Gold Charm said...

They are sure nature inspired with the nice floral colours in them and the themes too.Like the soft and delicate colours in them.

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