Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BBArtisans Giveaway featuring N. Fallon Design Studio

What a great idea for a giveaway at the BBArtisans team blog: a gift certificate from an Etsy shop.  Nancy is the host and she has some absolutely beautiful items that I would love to have.  And with $50 - you can really do some serious shopping!

Coin Purses from N. Fallon Design Studio
I've always enjoyed the coin purses Nancy makes; one of those would definitely fit me and my purse.  And what a variety of designs and colors!  I've been thinking, I could get one for myself and one for my mom, and still have money left over...

Knit Heart Pins
A knit heart brooch is be a perfect little gift.  I bought one for my mom as a Mother's Day gift.  Don't worry, there's more available.  And it comes with free shipping.  A very popular item from a savvy Etsy seller! 

              Rainbow Wristlet                    and                    Night Sky Wristlet     
Another favorite item of mine are Nancy's wristlets.  Whether you want something carefree or a little more refined, you'll find it here.  These are perfect for going out to eat, or for traveling in a busy airport.  I've been taking a lot of walks lately, and a wristlet is the perfect size for carrying my wallet, keys and phone. 

A favorite knit tote
If you feel like using your gift certificate as a "down payment" on a more expensive item, that's doable too.  Just imagine what a chunk of cash $50 would take out of this elegant wool tote bag!  It has a zippered closure, something I always look for in a bag.  Isn't this just fantastic?

So, have a convinced you that you should try your luck at the BBArtisans Giveaway?  What harm can it do?  All you have to do is visit Nancy's shop and comment on the BBArtisans team blog.  There are multiple chances to comment too.  Go over to team blog to read the easy instructions.  The contest is open worldwide and the drawing takes place May 20, 2012 at 11am central.  


Nancy said...

Thanks for the post Deb!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great post on Nancy's shop and her fabulous giveaway!

Rose said...

Great overview of Nancy's shop and the giveaway! Nancy has so many awesome products. Someone is going to be a very lucky winner.

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