Sunday, May 6, 2012

BBArtisans Team Treasuries

It's been about a week since these two curators put together their Etsy treasuries.  They both invoked a special emotion for me, one dealing with giving, the other receiving.  Does that sound strange enough?  This is what I mean:

I thought Sharla's light-hearted treasury had everything to do with animals, until yesterday, when I took the time to look at it and see what she was saying.

"There are so many wonderful people on Etsy and I'm honored to know these special ladies! They've all made me smile in one way or another so help me say thanks by visiting their fabulous shops!"

Sharla always makes me smile, sometimes break out laughing, when I read her blog.  And whenever I think of animals now, I am reminded of her.  Like these kitty earrings she made.  Thank you, Sharla, you are a dear friend.

Then again, yesterday, I took the time to go into Linda's shop, to find a special item to  match her treasury.  Maybe Mom would enjoy something from Linda's Judaica Earrings Jewelry section?  But no, I didn't think so; she never wears fancy earrings.  As I looked through the necklaces, I saw the beautiful sodalite necklace and earring set she made.  How perfectly it reminded me of my mother, and how dear she is to me.  


BeadedTail said...

Aww, thank you so much Deb! I appreciate the feature and glad you enjoyed the treasury honoring my lovely friends like you! :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

2 lovely treasuries. I love your descriptions of the makers and makers' items!
I have to say the friendships I've made with the BBAs are special to me.

Rose said...

How neat Deb! It was really sweet of Sharla to honor her friends like that, and I'm sure that your mom would love the jewelry.

Thanks for linking up with me. :)

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