Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Link List - Nature in Art

Many of the nature in art sites I've found are filled with activities for parents to do with their kids, or teachers with their students.  But I don't see anything wrong with adults trying out some of these projects, or looking at the resources.

Martha Stewart's Back to Kids' Nature Craft is a great place to visit and find many artistic projects with nature as a theme, like this fabric bracelet (left).  Whether you enjoy hunting for seashells or going on nature walks, you'll find something fun to do on the weekend or holiday with Martha!

Here's an easy way to make an attractive window box herb garden for your kitchen.  There's not a lot of expensive supplies, and you may have some of the items needed  around the house already.  I think adding your own personality to this little wooden box would be fun.  A great idea for the cook in the family.

If you're a serious artist and are interested in promoting nature art and conservation, you might want to stop by the Artists for Conservation (AFC) homepage.  They're an international non-profit group of nature artists.  There's a steep annual membership, but the benefits outweigh the costs if you're an active member.  Their Annual Exhibition this year is at Grouse Mountain, Vancouver from October 12 through the 21st.  Check it out.  

Here's an interesting book I found while "window-shopping" at Blick's online store called Earth, Sea, Sun, and Sky by Barbara Stieff.   It's especially geared towards the young reader.  Anyone can take these ideas and transform them into their own.  If you have children and are looking for creative projects, this book looks to be a good guide.  

It is amazing how many Etsy artisans are inspired by nature.  Members are recyclers, nature lovers and naturalists.  Here are a listing of 129 different teams.  The smallest ones have only one member; the largest, over 900.  If you're an Etsy member and you enjoy nature, join a nature team and meet some like-minded people.  I picked out nine that looked really neat!     


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Some good resources here. Thanks for posting.

Rose said...

Awesome list as always! Whenever I write craft articles, I urge both adults and children to consider the projects. There are so many great craft ideas out that there just about anybody can make.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great list Deb! I love that though they might be intended for children, adults can enjoy all of these as well :)
I'm always amazed at what people can create from upcycled materials!

Kathleen said...

It's so nice to see projects that kids can do with parents and grandparents! So much fun to share those experiences and even very young children can often accomplish them with a little help.

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