Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Link List - Food, Glorious Food

This past month, I've been so thankful for all the good food that's been shared.  Some came from blogs that I frequent, and there's a few new sites that I wanted to pass along.
homemade strawberry jam
Nancy at N Fallon Design Studio always has delicious and healthy recipes from scratch, whether it's fruit, salads or even tacos.  Just scroll down her blog and click on the link labeled Food.  She also has instructions on how you can made your own jam and and pizza!

recent recipes gathered by randomcreativeart
Rose, over at randomcreativeart, usually devotes one Saturday Link List a month to food; here's some recipes she's listed recently.

deep fried stuffed olives by Chuck Hughes
After eating all that delicious food in Italy, I thought I'd look for some recipes with an Italian flavor.  Like olives!  Everyone in Italy has olive trees growing in their yards - we ate some great big olives with our home-cooked meals.  They were packages in heavy plastic, not canned in water.  Have you ever had olives stuffed?  One day in Rome, it was on the menu and I just had to taste it!  Not bad.  Here's Chuck Hughes' recipe for fried stuffed olives, from

chicken piccata from Rocky Mountain Woman
One of my linky friends from AlphabeThursday, Rocky Mountain Woman, always includes recipes (and luscious photos) of food on her blog.  This week she's offering up Chicken Piccata, for her Letter C post.

   from "What's New", Grace Young tells about popping popcorn in a wok.

I remember when traveling for work, someone would always whip out their smartphone at mealtime and start looking for a restaurant nearby.   An even better idea is a site my sister introduced me to on our family vacation, called Chow.  You can use their Chowhound to find a restaurant anywhere in the world.  The site also has a section called "What's New" and you can participate in home cooking threads.  If you love food, then this site is a must.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Mmmmmm! That jam looks so good! And I love black olives, but not green ones :)

Rose said...

Who isn't inspired by food? Thanks for the shout out! The chicken piccata looks really good. Popping popcorn in a wok is an interesting idea as well.

BeadedTail said...

Everything looks so good! I love looking at recipes but hate to cook. Weird huh? I don't like olives but I wish I did. I keep trying them but just can't like them.

Erika said...

Yes. The jam and RMW's chicken are my list of favorites.

Thanks for linking up at today's It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising.


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