Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Link List - favorites of AlphabeThursday

I wanted to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers at AlphabeThursday, and invite you to visit their blogs.  First of all, what is AlphabeThursday?  It's a blog series with a weekly prompt that Jenny Matlock ( on my tangent...) put together.

With AlphabeThursday, each "student" writes a blog post on Thursday about a letter in the alphabet, and the "class" progresses from A to Z, sharing stories through a Linky Tools.  We just completed blogging about the Letter G, our fifth time through the alphabet! If you enjoy writing, you'll have fun here.  Join us!

Anna (Anna's Adornment) is the blogger that introduced me to AlphabeThursday.  She's an animal lover and Etsy seller from Sweden.  Sad to say, she's on vacation until August, so her blog and shop are a bit bare right now.  My first alphabet post was with the Letter R back on Feb 10, 2011.  It was all about three Tangles I was learning to draw.   

Chicken Piccata, from the Rocky Mountain Woman blog
Each week, I make an effort to go visit Rocky Mountain Woman.  I noticed her blog when I first arrived at AlphabeThursday, when she was building her home in the mountains.  She a great cook and includes her recipes!

I've also been following Sue's posts (Sue's News, Views 'n Muse) since I  first arrived in "class".  You see, one of the rules we have is to visit 10 other blogs around your own post on the LinkyTool list.  Sue and I usually end up near each other on the list.  I've come to know her and enjoy her mix of images and poetry, and just good 'ol family stories.  Oh, there's music too    

Glorious blooms and bee guides , from Splendid Little Stars
Margaret (Splendid Little Stars) is a friend and member of my BBArtisans team on Etsy,  where she sells dyed fabrics.  To get a good idea of what the AlphabeThursday linky is all about, read her post called The End: Alphabet Soup (where she has gone through the whole alphabet from Round 4).  

I had a blast following Helene's blog, Little Sealed Packages in 2011, when she found a different location each week to write about, from around her home in the county of Derby.   It was a personal challenge for herself, and a lot of fun for me.  Here's the Letter Z post with a map of the county.  This blog is still active, but Helene has other things on her mind, like rock-climbing!  Still a lot of great photographs from the beautiful countryside in the UK.  
Let me close with Cathy's blog (Cathy Kennedy's Blog).  She always has fun posts and I know you'll enjoy stopping by and visiting.  Cathy is also a blog hop creator, so if you're looking for a particular day to link up, she's your gal.  Her post this week: I was attacked!  For real! 


H said...

Wow, thanks for the shout out Deb. I'm in the middle of writing this week's offering right now. I've missed a few Alphabe-Thursday posts because I've been helping eldest move out of his accommodation up in the Lake District and I'm preparing for the voluntary work I do each summer. If I know I won't have time to visit at least 10 other posts, I don't add anything myself.

I'll be linking up with 'g' soon :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Deb, what fun! posting about folks you've "met" through this wonderful meme! I totally agree about how inspiring and fun it's been. I "know" those same people, too!
You have sent me on a mission to find out when I first posted an Alphabe-Thursday. The very first was Rainbow Summer School in early September 2010 when I posted violet. Then I posted for every letter of the alphabet and wrote Alphabet Soup at the end to catalog all my posts. I've recently made it through the entire alphabet again and wrote another Alphabet Soup. You have given the link to my second one.
I do love this meme! It's my favorite. It's very challenging at times and brings out so much creativity in people. I believe a huge reason for its success is that Jenny requires us to visit each other. Therefore a community is created.
Thank you for this wonderful post and including my blog among those featured!!

BeadedTail said...

It's great that you've met so many wonderful bloggers through this meme! I've seen it on quite a few blogs but haven't ever participated. I'm going to start paying more attention to the link ups from now on.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Mega thanks for the special attention! It's so nice when something you post about makes someone's else life a little more fun. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my somewhat scary, but if the truth be told a whole lot funny incident. ^.^ Have an excellent weekend!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun list of blogs! I like how each person takes the same prompt, but writes about something completely different :)

Kathleen said...

What fun that you have connected with so many neap people from this meme! Sound like really interesting blogs!

Rose said...

What a great idea for a post! Participating in fun link ups is an awesome way to meet new bloggers.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I love visiting with you and all the rest of the Matlockians also! You always have a unique twist on the letter of the week....

I was on vacation last week and missed class for the first time in a long long time. The house I was renting didn't have internet, can you imagine? I feel a little out of the loop and can't wait for this week's class...



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