Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday link list - eyecatching

I have a Pinterest account and enjoy going by to see what people are making and finding online.  One of my catch-all boards is called Eyecatching.   Since I love to gather beautiful pieces of art, I expect others enjoy collecting them too. The following links are all from Etsy sites.  Enjoy!
Painted Glass Bottle from RandamArt
Miranda's (RandamArt) bottle decorating is more than just painting on glass.  She's taken other materials and added them in ornamental patterns.  This bottle can be used as a window display piece, as an oil reed diffuser or an oil lamp. Cute shape!

Custom Copper Bracelets by OrangeistheSun
I've first seen these wrapped thread bracelets worn by tribal women in Africa, and think they're just beautiful.  Jennifer (OrangeistheSun) sells them as custom pieces in her shop.  The buyer chooses what color and kind of button they want. I think I might just have to try and make one myself!

Yarn Bowl by NewMoonStudio
This yarn bowl would be a great gift for the knitter you know.  Or for yourself.  Hilal (NewMoonStudio) is a ceramics artist and uses stoneware clay and glaze for these bowls.

Fish Art - School of Fish by Jessica Doyle
I've been following Jessica's (Jessica Doyle) watercolors for years now.  She is one of my favorite artists on Etsy.  Her original artwork is out of my price range, but there are also wonderful prints available.  

Decorated Ribbon by Nancy's Lavender Farm
When I was looking for ways of decorating ribbon, I ran across Nancy's (Nancy's Lavender Farm) shop.  She has lots of different pieces available, or you can glance through her shop for inspiration.

Felted Scarf by Now & ZEN
I love fabrics and have realized that there are so many different ways of using felt.  Here is Nownzen's (Now & ZEN) shop with instructions on making beautiful scarves with felt.


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Love the yarn bowl -- one of these days I'm going to buy one to keep my yarn from jumping on the floor! All of your finds are lovely -- I really like that bottle!

Miranda said...

Thank you for including my hand painted bottle in your post today. I love the other items you have found!

Best wishes!

Miranda / Randam Art

Linda Pruitt said...

Don't have pinterest but love your finds. Especially the Yarn Bowl!!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

That bottle is beautiful and the scarf is cool too!

pasqueflower said...

Great finds! Love the scarf.

pasqueflower said...

Great finds! Love the scarf.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful finds! They are all lovely! The yarn bowl is very cool, and, of course, I love the fish artwork ;-)

Rose said...

I have seen those yarn bowls before. They are such a creative idea. The felted scarf is gorgeous! I love the mix of colors and textures.

Kaili Williams said...

Eyecatching indeed! I love these features, great post :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Whoops! I never posted a comment here. I got lost checking out your links! a very fun list, Deb!

Judy Nolan said...

Hmmm...what DON'T I love in this post?! That bottle and the scarf are especially gorgeous, and definitely inspirational. You can get lost on Pinterest pretty easily. :-)

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