Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Link List - Art Journaling Ning bloggers

new impressionism watercolor by the storybeader
I thought I'd go and investigate a bit this week, and see what kind of presence my Art Journaling Ning friends have on the internet.  Are they business bloggers and selling their artwork online?  First of all, let me tell you that Nings are social networks that a person can form to bring together like minded people.  There are close to 4,000 members that have joined the Art Journaling Ning; this doesn't mean everyone is active though.  I joined back in December 2010 and have learned so much from this community of art journalers.

one of Leslie's "automatic drawings"
First of all, Leslie Herger aka Comfortable Shoes, is the founder of the Art Journaling Ning.  Leslie is a professional bookbinder.  If you like to draw and paint, you'll enjoy Leslie's site over at Typepad.  She reviews different art supplies and techniques, and shares her photographs in her posts.  Her site hardly has any advertising or links in it, but I did find her Etsy shop.

One of the ladies who I've been taking workshops from at the Art Journaling Ning is  Moira Richardson.  Moira gives teen art classes in addition to her workshops in her home state of Rhode Island.  I'm currently taking the last of her 4 session class, called Weekly Art Date.  If you're interested in online tutorials and classes, check out her blog, crafty moira.  She usually has videos and giveaways over at her blog, though she doesn't post too often.  And she has two shops on Etsy:  Literary Tease and a new supply shop called Key Lime Supplies.

Ribbon-Bound Journal by Marisa
My first class with Moira last year (called Falling for You) I started with Marisa, who is new to blogging.   Here's a Ribbon-Bound Journal Tutorial I found on her blog, Gingerbread and Glitter.  She writes all about art, crafts and journaling!  Go on by and welcome her to blogging!!

by Natalie at awkward & beautiful
Looking through the artists who put up challenges on the Art Journaling Ning reminded me of Natalie Malik.  She issued the Challenge in September, a mix of Impressionism & Doodling & a special painting technique that I've never tried before.  I completed the challenge but forgot all about posting it!  That's my finished piece, at the top of this post.  You can her find her blog at awkward and beautiful. and her Etsy shop by the same name.

Prompt cards by Tammy
If you are interested in finding out more about art journaling, I suggest you visit Tammy at Daisy Yellow.  She was one of the first art journalers I met online, and has been an inspiration to me (I might even have found the Ning through her!)  She has daily prompts on her site, suggested reading, and lots of workshops.  Tight on cash?  Join her free workshop, Art Journaling 101!  Her Etsy shop has a good view of her colorful artwork.  


Rose said...

This sounds like a great group! It's awesome that you've learned so much from them.

Nancy said...

Really cool post today Deb! I'm off to check out some lovely new bloggers!

BeadedTail said...

It's great to have a group where you can share so many ideas! I love that ribbon journal!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun group of talented ladies! Love the journaling card prompts!

Kathleen said...

Very fun! Beautiful things you have featured =)

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