Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Photo Dump - Week 1 and 2

Last Friday, I didn't create my Photo Dump, like I planned to.  I first got this idea from Heather at our life in a click.  These are photos from my cell phone, that I carry with me, almost all the time.  I wasn't carrying it when I was walking Buster and I fell.  Broke my left ankle - in 3 places! 

I was at Shawnee two weeks ago for the 
Oklahoma Museum Assoc. Conference.

All the day sessions were at Oklahoma Baptist University. 
Lots of sculptures on the campus.  We did a bit of geocaching between sessions.  

Some tribal members from the Citizens Pottawatomie Tribe 
danced for us Wednesday night.  

And we went to the casino later in the evening.  
I won some money!  

Thursday  night, I won this book at the OMA auction.  Great present for Nicki (hoping she doesn't read this).  Looks like my good luck ran out on Sunday... That's when I broke my ankle...

Lots if laying flat on my back, trying to keep the swelling down.    Everything is taking me twice four times as long to do. 

DH is taking care of my every need, 
Buster has been keeping me company on the bed,  

and MJ has been watching over me like a mother hen.  She's a little wary of the wheelchair DH picked up for me from work, but she stays nearby.   I wish I could hop into Doctor Who's time machine, and go back a week. But that's just... fairy tales, right?


Abby / Linda said...

So sorry about your mishap! but enjoed seeing your week, up until then! Get well soon!

Kathleen said...

Ouch! Praying you get better fast and glad that you have so much help! LOL - yeah, where's the Tardis when you need it????

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