Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Link List - Halloween accessories for the whole family

Some of us love dressing up for Halloween, including our best friends, our pets.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing dogs in costumes.  I don't think I would dress up Buster, but I know he would enjoy going out!

First seen at Sydney Martin's Halloween Pinterest board
Masks are easy to make.  And they're great for adults and children.  Here are some cute ones by Kelly Panacci, with project instructions.  All the materials can be found at Michaels.  How nice!

First seen at Katherine Warden's Halloween Pinterest board
What about making your own Printable Halloween Mask?  These masks can really make a costume.  Check out

Martha Stewart has a bunch of projects on her website.   This site has 18 different masks, with a tools and material list, and a template that you can print.  They take less than an hour to make and some even have videos instructions.  Wow!

Now this zombie jewelry is really gross.  But I know some people would really go for something like this.  It's kinda late to be buying something like this, but who says you can't plan ahead?  Peter VanErickson is the Etsy artist who created this Slit Throat necklace.

I thought this Bewitching Crochet Hat was so cute.  Great idea for a child or grandchild, either this year or next.  By Michele Wilcox for Red Heart Yarn.  Complete with instructions and materials. 

Wes and Tracy over at BirshyKat go all out for the holidays.  Here's some two posts 
 about Halloween silhouettes you can put up in your windows.   

Most children are ready to go out and fill bags with goodies.  Ellen, from alphamom has an easy canvas bag you to make.  It may be better than what you used last year.  The site is complete with stencils and instructions.

I can't say everyone, but most people have at least one pumpkin in a window or on their stoop.  Especially if they have children.  Here is Melaine's DIY instructions for a Chevron Pumpkin, that she first saw in Country Living.
Have fun and be careful!


BeadedTail said...

That slit throat is disgusting! Sadie would have tolerated dressing her up but I know she didn't like it so just put her in a t-shirt for a photo shoot and that's it. That crochet hat is cute!

Splendid Little Stars said...

The Slit Throat necklace IS really gross! Yuck!
I love those window silhouettes. fun!

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