Thursday, November 29, 2012

AlphabeThursday - B is for blogging and beads

B is for Blogging and Beads.

My first post, A successful church craft fair
 I started my blog, Stroll Through Storyland, back in April 2008, after joining Etsy.  I thought, how will people ever know about my beaded jewelry if I don't market it.  So I started writing.  And I loved blogging, even more than making the jewelry!

B is also for Beads. Now I roll paper beads to sell.  But since I started my art journaling, I haven't had the time or inclination to make as many paper beads as I used to.   But that's OK with me.  I'm happy putting watercolor and pen to paper.  Who knows what I'll do next.

Come by on my tangent...  and visit more bloggers writing about the Letter B.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

List it Tuesday - been there, done that!

For this week's List It Tuesday, Nicole (from Three By Sea) suggested a topic to Aimee: "been there, done that".  Aimee called it a bucket list in reverse.

home sweet home in the backyard
 Maybe I'm a little dense, but I never heard of a "Bucket List" until the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  I've never wanted to do much more than support myself, travel and own a house.  Well, I have my house; just yesterday, I was able to refinance the property, taking a year off the loan and lower my mortgage payment!

Traveling?  I've traveled with my family when I was young -  in the U.S. exploring historic sites and national parks, and sailing on the east coast.  When I was a college student, I left the east and went to school in California.  In the past few years, my family went on "reunions" to the Virgin Islands, Ireland and Italy.  I love traveling with my family and want to do more.

Here's some photos of my travels:

The family sailing in the British Virgin Islands, in memory of Dad.

On the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.  Yes, those are sheep.  Everywhere!

Greater Blasket Island, the farthest west portion in Ireland.

When by nephew graduated, we accompanied him and my brother to Italy.  Here's Venice!

Cortona, in the Hill Country.
It was one of my favorite cities that we visited in Italy.  

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

BBArtisans Team - Poppy Hill Creations

I wanted to thank Jamie (at Poppy Hill Creations) from my BBArtisans team for including my green and white paper beads in her treasury last week called Fun Gift Ideas.  I believe I had lots of visitors because of it!  Jamie is having a Thanksgiving sale through November 26th (that's Monday!) and you can get 20% off any item in her shop.  Just enter coupon code:  TURKEY at checkout!

But what about wrapping those presents?   This would be a great time to buy some of Jamie's digital clip art and paper packs for wrapping some of those small items.  Here's four of my favorites:

1 - printable-colorful-snowman-digital-clip

2 -  printable-chilly-bird-digital-paper-pack

3 -  printable-red-and-green-christmas

4 - diy-printable-fall-cheveron-digital

Great Idea, eh?  She also has a second Etsy shop, Poppy Hill Baby, that includes handmade baby quilts and blankies.  If there are baby in your life, check this out!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Link List - Pinterest quotes

I don't visit the Pinterest site too often, but I like to go and look at the artwork and food and interior decorating.  Kind of like looking in a magazine!  I've been seeing some nice quotes here and decided to make a board of Quotes, where I could save some that I like.  Many are from art journals, and they are my favorite.

Carolyn Sewell doesn't have a blog, but her flickr site has a bunch of great artwork like this high 5 drawing.  OK, it's not a quote, but it's so inventive!  So you see, one person sees something they like (it was Sarah Al-Rukhayyes,) they put it on pinterest, and then I see it, and show you, etc.  Just remember, when you're on Pinterest, respect the intellectual property rights of the original source.   Here's a page about terms and privacy.

I found this artwork on one of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's boards (it's hers).  Julie (of Balzer Designs) is one of my favorite mixed media artist/teacher/designers.   I love her stencils, and one day, when I have money back in my paypal account, I will buy some of her stencils.  She also has some online classes - I'd like to learn more about stamping from her Stamp Carving 101.

I've never heard of Norman Vincent Pace, but I like this quote, and the font is great.  I found it on a pinterest board (via caitlinburdick). She found it on prettystuff's tumblr site, who also has a "pretty little blog " but doesn't spend a lot of time there.

This quote-on-tag came from my "Eyecatching" board, pinned by Jennifer Sloane.  If you like scrapbooking, you'll love her Scrapbook Inspiration board.  Jennifer found it on  Victoria Schrom's blog called Paper Squirrel.  It was a challenge entry from June 2011.  I just love these tags; don't know if people would be willing to buy them, but I want to buy some large tags and try my hand at them.  I feel a list coming on...  

Since other people have their "quoted" artwork on pinterest, I decided to place one of my pieces on my Quotes board too:  I ♥ Snow.  Here's something from my Etsy shop.  If you leave a price in your description on Pinterest, it will also tag the price on the upper left corner of the photo.  Nice marketing tool!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

AlphabeThursday - A is for Acorn

Here I am again.  Starting another round (this is 6!) of AlphabeThursday on Thanksgiving Day, with the letter A.

And here are some acorns.  DH picked these up for me outside the post office, but there's also an oak tree across the street.  I love acorns.  They are so intricate with very pretty patterns.  We were thinking of planting a new tree in the front yard.  That's on the west side of our house, which needs shade since our lovely mimosa tree died.

Some oaks are very majestic, with pretty leaves that fall in autumn.  Oklahoma is home to 21 species.  There's lots of shrub oaks in our part of the state.  But if we were to buy a tree, I want something a little different.

Red Oak
The Shumard Oak is hardy throughout Oklahoma and grows 50-75 feet at maturity.  A Bur Oak is good for sites that don't get a lot of water, like ours. And the Red Oak would be nice for fall color.  We have all winter to decide and get ready...

There's a few negatives that do come to mind about oak trees:  
1.  They will drop their leaves every autumn.  That's a lot of leaves when they get big.
2.  Because of the acorns, the squirrels will come and forage.  But we have squirrels already, so it shouldn't be too much different.  
3.  Mowing!  You either have to rake up acorns or keep the lawnmower set high, if you're going to mow.    

Let me shout out a "Happy Thanksgiving" for all you Americans.  And I'll give you a link to our leader (and teacher) Jenny at on my tangent... so you can visit other bloggers who have written about the letter A.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

List It Tuesday - My Santa List

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year.  I helped the Museum win a big grant to renovate the gallery, I've stopped my work when people come in off the street and help them in the archives, and I've been kind to my family and friends.  I've been good at keeping my blog going (trying to reach 1000 posts by the end of the year - ok, that would be over 5 years in total) and I'm even acting as a Secret Santa in my BBArtisans Etsy team.

I have to admit, I've never written to you before, so I thought I'd draw you a picture, for you to put on your refrigerator.  

Here are four wishes:
1.  A 72-color set of copic markers (it is a large set, so a smaller set would be just fine, too!)

2.  A wooden carved cane.  I'll be walking soon but I'll need some help.

3.  Punchinella or sequin waste (see arrows below) and watercolor paper, to use in my art journaling.

4.  A subscription to Art Journaling  - you can get it directly from the publisher!  

There are other things that I like.. and money would help, but I know you'll be busy this year.  There are a lot of people in worst shape than me.  So I'll just leave it at that, and you can improvise!  

Happy Holidays,  {:-Deb, aka storybeader

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

BBArtisans Team - the best!

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us and the BBArtisans team is getting ready.  One of our most popular events is the annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange.  Sharla (Beaded Tail) is acting as moderator, and everyone has written their likes and dislikes.  I received my secret "pairing"  just a few days ago and will be keeping my eyes open for a nice mailing box.  

This past week, Sharla created an Etsy treasury that included my green and white paper beads.  Yes, she's in the spirit!  It's called "Tis the Season for Red, Green, Friends and Furkids!"   Did you know that a portion of ALL sales from Beaded Tail go towards animal awareness causes?  

I know I can find red, green, friends and furrkids in her shop!  

The wooden charms are made by another BBArtisan: Edi from Memories for Life

How bright and shiny!  

I love lampwork!

Sharla has both $15 and $20 Gift Certificates for your special friend

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Link List - Small Business Saturday

The Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide in the U.S.  So I want to invite you to my Etsy shop (The Storybeader's Bookshelf), which has 23 items for sale.  

If you include the phrase
Celebrating Small Businesses
in your note box when you check out, I will give you a 20% discount on 
any and all items till the end of November.  

Etsy is a favorite place for me to shop, filled with creative artists, 
many of whom make one of a kind pieces.  

I hope to be walking in a month (hope/hope) and would love to buy a beautiful antique wooden carved cane from wilshepherd Etsy shop.  His entire shop is 30% off if you remember to use his coupon code.  

Glass Art by Margot has always been a favorite shop of mine.  I’ve been window shopping here for years and love her mix of recycled and utilitarian glass items.  This is a favorite, a recycled wine bottle cheese board.  It would be a great gift for my sister, who loves wine.  

I’ve been admiring Lori’s (charmeddesign1012) wrap bracelets for some time now.  I usually don’t wear bracelets myself, but hers look so soft and inviting.  You can select your own size, and she will make yours a custom order.  This would be a great gift to myself!  Hmmm...

Etsy is a great place to buy supplies while supporting small businesses.  Moira Richardson, who I’ve been taking art journaling classes from, has an Etsy shop called Key Lime Supplies.  She's been having a 30% off sale on washi tape for the whole month of November.  Sounds like a winner to me - I love washi tape!  

Other supplies I’m always looking for are stencils.  I particularly like punchinella, which is great for layering colors on paper.  I found some at Tara Anderson's shop (citronfaire).  There's lots of other fun items in her shop, including paper kits she has pieced together.  

I love including nature and birds in my art journaling.  And this beautiful digital paper by Jamie at PoppyHillCreations is a favorite.  She's very helpful to her buyers and will customize paper for you.  Jamie also states right up front that her digital paper is for personal or commercial use, and let's you know what she means.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

AlphabeThursday - Z is for Zodiac

One of my favorite buildings in Venice was not along the canals but a clock tower we saw in Piazza San Marco, better known in English as St. Mark's Square.  It's the principal public square in Venice, and was built during the Renaissance.  Completed in 1499.  Can you believe it!  The city has done some restoration; it looks in great condition to me!     

Here are close-up of the winged lion of Venice with the Virgin and Child below it on a semi-circular gallery.  On either side of the pillars are two large blue panels showing the time.  Looks like it was 11:30 when I shot this photo.

We didn't go inside, but you can book a guided tour that will take you into the clocks innards and out to a terrace with views of the square and city rooftops.  

Here's a close up of my favorite part: the clock dial.  Isn't this just fantastic!?  A 24-hour clock!  The golden pointer has an image of the sun that moves around the circle, with the earth in the center and a moon that revolves to show its phases.  How intricate!

Been waiting for our Z post for AlphabeThursday to share this clock and zodiac with all of you!  Come visit other AlphabeThursdays on Jenny's on my tangent...  blog!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

List it Tuesday - List of Lists

Last week, not everyone was able to get online to list (and read) their favorite movie lines, including Amie.  So this week, we have the opportunity of posting two lists: our favorite movie lines AND a list of lists, to keep us going in the coming months.

I listed two movie lines from one movie I had seen the weekend before.  A movie that I love: 2001: a space odyssey.  

"Open the pod bay doors, Hal." 
"Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore.  Goodbye."  

I've been thinking of list topics.  Lists I have to make and lists that would be fun to read.  Since it's coming to the end of another year, I'm sure you are all thinking of lists too.  Here are some I came up with:

What I like to cook (or eat) for Thanksgiving
My list to Santa
Stocking stuffers to buy
Favorite blog posts from 2012
Favorite photos from 2012
Electronic devices used this week
Ingredients for a special trail mix
New projects for 2013
New online tutorial(s) I'd like to take (teachers, include your classes!)
Challenge topics

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BBArtisans Treasuries - Nov. 4 - 10, 2012

It's the first full week of November, and personally, I'm hoping for the month to pass quickly.  But it's loads of fun, watching the new treasuries that are put together by the curators of the BBArtisans.  I'd like to give a shout out to them, for the treasuries they placed me in, and invite everyone to go and visit their treasuries.  Just click on the links and they will bring you to specific Etsy pages!

Let's start off with Kathy (tapestry316) and her lovely holiday selections called It's not to early to look for some fun gifts!  I'm ready!  She chose my Red and Pink Paper and Sterling beaded earrings.  I'd wear them myself, if I had pierced ears!  One of my favorite paintings in Kathy's shop is a mother and child, Mustang Quarterhorse hiding her baby.

LeAnn (pasqueflower) is looking forward to winter in her treasury, Chill!  What a descriptive word!  She included my first sewn paper collage, a snowman I call I ♥ Snow.   Going out shopping?  Then throw your cash and assorted goodies in LeAnn Zipper Pouch

I loved all the crocheted pieces in Margaret's (SplendidLittleStars) treasury, called Autumn Beauty.  And the colors are just fantastic!  She chose my Art Journal, that has a (hidden from view) blue and brown cover.  Autumn leads to winter, and if you're thinking ahead, then her Snowman knotted hat is a perfect buy for a little one.  And it's so cute!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Link List - prompts and challenges

Do you use prompts or challenges, 
to get your creative juices flowing?

Sorry, this item from Mister PenQuin, sold on Etsy!
The Etsy BBArtisans team has a challenge every month, which help teammates stretch their imagination.  There is a post and link at the end of the month on our team blog where readers can see what everyone worked on.  The theme for this month's challenge is "Gratitude," introduced by Judy at Mister PenQuin.

I was first introduced to prompts and challenges through different art journaling blogs and websites, such as The Sketchbook Challenge and daisy yellow.  

Journal Prompt Cards
DaisyYellowArt sells these attractive cards on Etsy, which can be used as creative prompts for all kinds of art.  There is a deck of 52 cards; each card with 24 prompts!

OneOfAKindTAROT also uses cards to prompt her in her artwork.  They are tarot cards!

If you're a writer, what about using Writing Prompts for Bloggers (found on Etsy). Doniree (wanderlustandlove) has two options:  your can receive one prompt a week or a fun guide to help you develop storytelling techniques.

Have writer's block?  Here's a Pair O' Poe Writer Inspiration Dice, by Jennifer (Palimpsestic) with words used by Edgar Allan Poe. 

If you want, you can create your own prompts.  Recently, I've been sitting around more than usual because of my broken ankle.  And I decided to get out my magazines and cut out pictures and words.  You can do the same thing; throw all the words in a box.  Then  pick out one word and start your project with it in mind!  Use multiple words and make a phrase.  

Wherever you find your prompts and challenges, 
have fun and explore new techniques!  

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