Tuesday, December 18, 2012

List It Tuesday - Holiday Faves

I don't have lots of holiday favorites.  
But there are some traditions that I hold dear.

1. lighting the menorah
My poor little menorah is all covered with wax, now that the eight nights of Chanukah are over.  DH found some colorful, striped candles - they were so pretty.  I'll have to look for them again next year!

2. watching the Nutcracker
My mom used to take my sister and me to Lincoln Center every year when we were kids, to watch the Nutcracker ballet.  It was beautiful.  I was always amazed how the tree grew bigger and bigger!  Now I see multiple ballets on the Ovation Channel!  I just love the traditional ones.

3. getting together with family
The family, at least those who are here in Oklahoma, get together around the holidays.  Every Sunday my mom cooks dinner for the family (meals have always been a special time for us).  It's a treat for me to sit around the dinner table with her and BB when I visit.  And of course we exchange presents for the holidays.

4. buying a Hallmark ornament
I've always wanted to collect Christmas ornaments but didn't have any reason to until I got married.  My DH isn't religious but he likes to decorate the house.  And I like to get one special ornament to mark each year.  We have a collection now!

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Textile Recycler said...

Your traditions are lovely and I especially love menorahs with melted wax. It feels like love to me...

BeadedTail said...

You have special holiday traditions! I like having ornaments that make me remember a certain time. We have a lot of angels and Mexican ornaments and of course furbabies!

Rose said...

The striped candles are so cute! All of your traditions are great. I would love to see The Nutcracker again. I haven't been since I was little.

Kathleen said...

I agree - family traditions are the best! We collect ornaments, too. Sometimes they are for the grandgirls. When they grow up, they will have ornaments to take with them for their tree. We did that for Cynthia, and she really enjoyed it.

pasqueflower said...

Beautiful traditions!

Em said...

Oh I love your menorah! Including the waxy drippings. :) (Those candles are cool.)

Cheryl said...

Hi Storybeader,

I read on your Holiday Favs list that you live in Oklahoma.

I got so excited to read that because I'm a proud native Oklahoman living near Dallas.

Enjoying your blogging Storybeader!

Molly said...

great list. i love those stripey candles!

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