Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Term Goals - December 2012

I haven't been sticking to my art goals in the past few months.  November I was suppose to make some paper beads...  I did roll some but never got outside to spray them with sealer.  There's something about being stuck in a wheelchair and not being able to get around, when I'm doing artwork.  Other things on my November list: I have been exercising my ankle and I found a physical therapist who I like.  And now my surgeon says I can put (50% of my) weight on my foot.  So I'll be able to stand when I do my artwork, which is my usual stance.    

For December, my three monthly goals will be:

Help DH decorate the house, write about it and link it to Linda's (Pruitt Creative) "30 Days of Christmas Fun!"  DH and I aren't religious, but still, decorating is fun.  And Chanukah begins December 8th.  We found some colorful candles that we will use to light the menorah.   

I missed my October and November Storybeader Newsletter, which I just started in July.  I feel so bad about that- sorry, subscribers.  This month, I am determined to get the December issue out.  You'll see it in your email boxes about the same time as before, mid-month.  If you're not a subscriber, why not join?  There's a button to receive it once a month, on the top right of this blog.

I plan to exercise and if I can walk, start walking with DH and Buster. I might not be able to keep up with them, but it would be nice to go out the same time.  I would love to get a wooden cane, instead of having to use a walker...  See how long it takes me to become stable on both feet!

Those are my monthly goals.  What are yours?


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Glad you'll be able to stand -- that will surely make things so much better! Buster looks like he's having a good time -- looking back at you maybe?

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks, Deb, for the shout out! I am honored that you listed it first on your list! (Accident right? :) :) 30 days of Christmas is keeping me busy and it's fun!

You saved the best for last--
"Start walking with DH and Buster" After what you have been thru, this should be a relief and a place to celebrate!

Nancy said...

Well, you can't blame yourself for goals unmet due to health set backs. All you can do is vow to start up again when you're well enough. I'm glad to hear of your progress though and that you'll soon be able to resume art making as usual. That's got to feel great!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

That's great that you can stand and do your artwork again! You're on the fast track to recovery :)
Good luck with all your goals this month.

moonsweetie said...

Good luck with all of your goals!! I'm wishing you all the best!

My December goal: make one new piece of art! A goal is a wonderful thing to have :)

Rose said...

Best of luck with your goals this month! That's great that you'll be able to start putting some weight on your foot again.

I'm kind of regrouping this month and making plans for 2013.

Athena said...

I hope you meet your goals- it must be so frustrating when you're out of commission like you are. My goals? Just to keep making products: I'm nearing that "magical 100". :)

Kathleen said...

Glad you have some improvement - ouch, praying it gets all healed fast! My goals? Slow down and enjoy these days before Christmas, celebrate the birth of our Savior with my family, and hug on my grandgirls as much as I can ;-)

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