Tuesday, October 30, 2012

List It Tuesday "quick fixes"

This week for List It Tuesday, Aimee has introduced the following list:  "stuff you know you need to do (and could do in a flash), but for whatever reason, it remains undone."

Needless to say, I'm not doing anything in a flash for at least a month.  That's how much longer I have to be off my foot.  So with that said, here's some things that I know I need to do.

1.  Help DH clean the house.  The thing about cleaning house - it's ever recurring!  And my kind of cleaning is not deep, down cleaning.  It's clearing the table (so I have room to make it messy again), emptying the dishwasher (so I can put more dishes in it),  and washing clothes (so we have clean clothes to wear).  

I love my hott notes!
2.  Write and edit my blog.  This is another ever-occurring chore that needs to get done.    I'm not sure why, but I've always enjoyed writing series on my blog.  I used to have interviews and favorites.  And now I write for Aimee's List It Tuesday,  AlphabeThursday (this week is an X!), Etsy treasuries, and Saturday Link List.  Any and all Link List ideas are more that welcome!

handwrapped paper pumpkin beads
3.  I keep saying I need to make some more paper beads for my Etsy shop.  So I need to 1) cut more paper strips, 2) roll and glue them, and 3) shellac them.  That's not quick!

4. Keep up with my BBArtisans team on Etsy.  This might sound quick and easy, but it's not.  We're a tight bunch and have a private thread where we write to each other every day.  But if I spend all day keeping up, I can stay updated.  So the old adage, a little bit at a time, goes a long way.

5.  Re-list an item every day in my Etsy shop.  Yea, I found one.  Quick and easy, but never ending...

This is an Inspire Me Monday post!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Short Term Goals - November 2012

I'm thrilled that this month went by so quickly.  I hope the next month does too!  The  three things I plan to do for November are:

1) Do my best to exercise my legs and find a physical therapist.
I've been exercising, but now my right hand is in pain.  Am I using it too much, to wheel myself around?  My goal is to stay out of pain and talk to the doctor (again) about finding a physical therapist.  It's never too early to make an appointment.

2) Roll some more paper beads.
Get more beads rolled and on a nice day, go outside and shellac them.  Maybe make some jewelry with the beads and put it in my Etsy shop.

Coffee Cup Journal by Roc Nicholas
3) Make a new art journal.
I'm thinking if I want to enter some art in the Lawton Arts Council art show next spring, I'll want some things made that I can choose from.  Hopefully I can sell something too.  So, my plan is to look for some new techniques.  I found a neat step-by-step tutorial  by Roc Nicholas for a Coffee Cup Journal in Art Journaling.  Need to try it! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

BBArtisans Treasury - Oct. 21-27, 2012

Leaves are falling

There are so many leaves falling, they have occupied my mind lately.  They have even made it into my BBArtisans treasury! And I'd like to thank all my team members who've included my shop items in their treasuries.  Here are FOUR for this week:

Last week, Nancy (NFallonDesignStudio) chose my wildlife animal sketchbooks (there's two available) for her Fall into Winter treasury.  I chose her Knit Coin Purse, made with 100% baby alpaca yarn.  And it's 50% off - great for a holiday gift!

Linda's (lindab142) Holiday Shopping reminds me that it's never too early to shop for presents.  I found some Vintage Chai earrings that Mom might like.  She chose one of my early handmade journals, with purple petals on the cover.

The same day, Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers) created a beautiful treasury called Aegean Blue, and included my blue handmade beads, recently made from paper I bought in Italy.  I thought her turquoise hoop earrings matched perfectly with some of the items in the treasury. 

Judy (JNOriginals) used two of my favorite color combinations, blue and brown, in her treasury, Sky Meets the Earth.  My handmade lined journal has both colors for the covers.  I love Judy's Rebecca Bag, again with blue and brown.  Dreamy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Link List - Halloween accessories for the whole family

Some of us love dressing up for Halloween, including our best friends, our pets.  I get the biggest kick out of seeing dogs in costumes.  I don't think I would dress up Buster, but I know he would enjoy going out!

First seen at Sydney Martin's Halloween Pinterest board
Masks are easy to make.  And they're great for adults and children.  Here are some cute ones by Kelly Panacci, with project instructions.  All the materials can be found at Michaels.  How nice!

First seen at Katherine Warden's Halloween Pinterest board
What about making your own Printable Halloween Mask?  These masks can really make a costume.  Check out mrprintables.com

Martha Stewart has a bunch of projects on her website.   This site has 18 different masks, with a tools and material list, and a template that you can print.  They take less than an hour to make and some even have videos instructions.  Wow!

Now this zombie jewelry is really gross.  But I know some people would really go for something like this.  It's kinda late to be buying something like this, but who says you can't plan ahead?  Peter VanErickson is the Etsy artist who created this Slit Throat necklace.

I thought this Bewitching Crochet Hat was so cute.  Great idea for a child or grandchild, either this year or next.  By Michele Wilcox for Red Heart Yarn.  Complete with instructions and materials. 

Wes and Tracy over at BirshyKat go all out for the holidays.  Here's some two posts 
 about Halloween silhouettes you can put up in your windows.   

Most children are ready to go out and fill bags with goodies.  Ellen, from alphamom has an easy canvas bag you to make.  It may be better than what you used last year.  The site is complete with stencils and instructions.

I can't say everyone, but most people have at least one pumpkin in a window or on their stoop.  Especially if they have children.  Here is Melaine's DIY instructions for a Chevron Pumpkin, that she first saw in Country Living.
Have fun and be careful!

Friday, October 26, 2012

BBArtisans Team October Challenge - Fairy Tale Inspiration

White Rabbit ACEO by Goodnight Owl Art
The BBArtisans team challenge for the month is brought to you by Kaili of KAW! Studios and GoodnightOwlArt "I am sure we were all raised with bedtime stories, books or films that touched on a realm outside of our own. Use the inspiration of fairy tales from your youth to create something fantastic, whimsical or unseelie."

When I started my art journaling, I bought a book that was very similar to the storybeader's name, called The Story Teller.  It has both illustrations and plates in it, and I was going to use it as my art journal.  

But I was enjoying my composition books so much, that I made one specifically for the year 2012.  It's almost full - I probably have 20 pages left.  I love how it expands but stays in place with a little help of ribbons I wrapped around it.

For this month's challenge, I used a page from the Story Teller book in my art journal (the composition book).  Underneath, I wrote what happened when I broke my ankle.  Yes, I'm no Cinderella, especially now with my foot in a splint.  What an appropriate time to go back into this book of story tales that I bought!   

You can see other BBArtisans team challenges at:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

AlphabeThursday - W is for Wine

One of the things Italy is best known for is their wine and vineyards.  I'm not a big wine drinker but members of my family are.  We had delicious wines with all our meals, lucky to say.  One day when we were staying at the villa, most of the family (not me) went out to lunch at a wine bar in Montalcino and then traveled to the Brunello Winery, located 120 km south of Florence in the Tuscany wine region.  I stayed close to the villa and went down to the lake and up into the hills with my brother and Stefana's brother (extended family here).

The winery is best known for their red wine called Brunello de Montalcino.  Bruno is a male given name which means brown and this grape is a variety that has been grown in the area since the 19th century.  In 1980, Brunello di Montalcino was awarded the first Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) designation and today is one of Italy's best-known and most expensive wines.

Three bottles from Brunello de Montalcino

The wine-tasters brought two bottles home, if I remember correctly, and we drank them for dinner!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

List It Tuesday - "overheard"

This week's List It Tuesday theme is "Overheard."  It didn't take me long to think up my approach.  You see, it all started with this edition of Art Journaling (Autumn 2012).  I read an article by Jennifer Bomgardner, where she mentioned how she cuts out words from magazines, and then uses them later in her journal.  

I thought, since I can't walk around anyway (because of my broken ankle!), I'd go through some of my magazines and cut them all up. 

Looks for words I like, and phrases I MIGHT have overheard, 
if I was out and about!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

BBArtisans team treasuries in October

It's not the end of the month yet but it's getting close.  It was September 30 where I broke my ankle.  And here I am in a wheelchair, just starting to get mobile again.  I haven't spent too much time on Etsy, but wanted to give thanks to all my teammates who were kind enough to include me in their treasuries.  

On Sept 30th, Athena (LalalitaBodyCo) put together "Good Things Come in Small Packages."  What a sweet title, and such a pretty treasury.  She included my green and white paper beads here since beads come in small packages.  All of her skin lotions and such fit perfectly into this category.  I chose her Autumn Sugar Scrub to match up with her treasury.  "Sweet Pumpkin Pie" - sounds delicious, eh?

Here's another brilliantly named treasury by Margaret (SplendidLittleStars): "When the Frost is on the Punkin."  She included one of my Art Journal, or what I used to call junk journals, here.   Most of Margaret tie dyes are pastels, but I thought this sumptuous silk velvet scrunchie had a lot of autumn colors in it too. 

Starting the second week of October, Kathy (tapestry316) put together a fall treasury, again using my Art Journal.  She calls it “Crisp cool mornings and crunchy leaves falling.”  Our leaves are not falling yet, but the weather has certainly changed, and I’m enjoying the cool breezes all day.  I really enjoy Kathy’s paintings of all the animals around her house.  “Cat and horse saying good morning” is a perfect example.

The next treasury I found myself in was called “Ready or Not, Fall is Here!” by Sharla (BeadedTail).  I’m ready for it!  I just hope it doesn’t turn  cold and wet because I’ll be very weary of ice for some time!  In this group, Sharla picked some of my Halloween colored paper beads, perfect for the  jeweler.  I looked though her jewelry and found these beautiful Fall Sunset Lampwork Glass earrings.  Wow - I love lampwork!

Let me close out this round of treasuries with LeAnn's (pasqueflower)  Autumn Hues.  This is a beautifully toned collection of oranges and yellows, and includes my painted borders art journal.   If you go visit my shop, click on the third image to find out more about what I did with the borders of this journal!  LeAnn makes functional fabric creations - I just love the colors and pattern of these Poppies Oven Mitts.  Aren’t they beautiful?!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Link List - Halloween is upon us

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you celebrate with a party, have kids who plan to go out or are  handing out treats of some sort, here's some ideas for you.  There's still time.  

What about making your own props?  There's a whole list from eHow, like this Halloween head.  

It's real important that if your child is dressing up and has a gun, stress that the gun should never comes out of the holster.  Many children have been harmed by others, including police, when their toys have been mistaken for the real things!  Here are some more safety tips: 

What about placing a Halloween avatar on your blog page?  There are animated ones and clip art, just for fun.  Of course, page one has the best, but there are eight pages to look at!


Make Halloween more than just fun and games!  What, you say? 

 Rose, from Random Creative, wrote a HubPages article about Halloween Math for Kids.  Great idea for those who are homeschooling their kids or just want to add a little sweetness to their kid's math lessons!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, October is the time (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) that pumpkins and squash are ripe in the garden and can be found in stores.  Why not buy some and decorate your house?  It's a fun family activity and makes everything festive.  Here are a few examples.

Why norecycle some of your pumpkin seeds?  This is called "Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin Fall Craft" on the AllKids Network.

Over on Pinterest, there are a few people who put together some Halloween Decor boards.  Jennifer Speer is a favorite of mine, and has great ideas.  Now if you're looking for unusual pumpkin foods at Pinterest,, try Heather Dominas' board, called Recipes to try.  They look delicious and many are healthy!

This has got to be my favorite pumpkin craft idea for this season:  a  cute Book Page Pumpkin you can make from an old paperback book.  This is from Heather, at our life in a click

Have fun and be safe!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

AphabeThursday - Italy, a pictorial view

Venice Grand Canal

We are currently on the Letter V for our AlphabeThursday.  I couldn't decided which word to use, so I decided to include two of my favorite places while in Italy: the Vatican and Venice.  They should both be on anyone's to-visit list.  

I've always wanted to go to Venice, and I got my chance this past May.  It was just breathtaking.  We spent two nights on the island and walked the canals, taking in all the wonderful sites.  This was at the end of our stay in Italy, before returning to the airport in  Rome.  

looking out on St. Mark's Basin
We made our way to the city by boat after parking our rented car on the mainland.  


Here's the whole gang, excluded me, the photographer: Mitch, Mom, Nicki and Judd.  Cute photo, eh?

The Vatican was exceptional too.  We went there on our second day in Italy.   I would recommend you book a tour for the Vatican, either before you get to Rome or when you first arrive there, since they are very popular.  Going on a tour allows you to past long lines of waiting tourists.  You receive headphones that your guide talks into.  And all the guides carry high flying flags, making it easy to follow them and listen as you go.  

 We basically spent the whole afternoon at the Vatican; our guide took us on a three hour tour of the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.  She was originally from Detroit!  

Mom and Mitch in St. Peter's Square
There were about 12 people in our group: the four of us who flew in from Oklahoma (we met the rest of the family in the Hill Country) and some people from England, Australia and the Netherlands.  

When we left, we walked out through St. Peter's Square and by the Castel Sant'Angelo.

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