Tuesday, January 22, 2013

List It Tuesday - Design Change

My design change is the addition of houseplants.
  •   kitchen window - herbs
  • bathroom windows - small potted plants
  • workroom windows - ivy and small potted plants
  • bedroom - African Violets
  • den - lemon tree
  • living room - large plant, bouquet
  • porch - annuals, in spring
Plants always make a room more cheerful.  And during the winter, it's especially nice to bring some green inside.    So instead of a bouquet of flowers (except for special occasions), I'd rather have plants sitting around the house.    

For my birthday, mom is getting me a lemon tree, that I can move inside during the winter.  They aren't available at her nursery right now, so it's a gift I can look forward to in the spring!

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Lynn Fisher said...

Great idea! We had a lemon tree in our house for years...beautiful and grew one solitary lemon : ) we could take it outside in the winter...Minnesota is not known for lemon trees, though our apricot trees are the hardy variety and winter well here. Good luck on the house plant implementation.

Lynn Fisher said...

I meant "we could NOT take it outside...ever!"

Splendid Little Stars said...

Since I've been an adult (a long time!), I've always liked an abundance of house plants. Besides being cheery, they freshen the air.

My lemon plant is cool, but does not look like the one in your picture--not nearly so pretty. It blossoms freely and the flowers smell wonderful. I did get 3 lemons from it about a year after I got it. It's a Meyer lemon. Tiny new lemons are forming now.
I was told to treat it like a ficus. (I have 2 of those.)

If you don't have success with some of the inside plants, don't give up. I'm considered to have a green thumb, but some plants don't do well for me.

I look forward to hearing about/seeing your plants!!

Oh, and PS: My daughter is fascinated with indoor terrariums (as am I) and has already made one.

Duni said...

Herbs in the kitchen are always a wonderful idea! Due to our cats we can't have many plants in the house, because many of them are poisonous!

Memories for Life said...

You're so right...plants make a room more cheerful :) Looks like you'll have lots around the house!
We have 3 in the kitchen and 5 or 6 in the living room.

Mary Walker Designs said...

I added plants to help me get through the winter creatively last year but felt bad when I let them dry out so this year I added splashes of sping green around the art area instead. Bonus no watering. A lemon tree sounds great I wonder if the tree smells as good as the fruit? Here in NJ some species of pine trees smell lemony in the pollinating seasons.

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooooh I also would love a Lemon tree!

Rose said...

Gardening is really not my thing, but I admire people who have a knack for it. Plants will add so much cheer to your home.

BeadedTail said...

I have just three plants up on shelves because of the cats. I like plants in the house but between them and my black thumb, I've never had many. The lemon tree sounds fun!

Textile Recycler said...

I love your list and am so jealous... I can not have real plants in my house :(

NatashaMay said...

That looks awesome! I wish I could have plants. I kill most of them and the ones that accidentally survive are killed by my cats. :)

Nancy said...

That's one thing that's really lacking in our place: plants! I grew some outdoors this past summer, but it's so dark in our house and we only have 5 windows (with really shallow sills) in the whole house! Plus, with the challenge of having cats (a lot of houseplants are toxic to them) it's so hard to find something pretty and ok for them AND that doesn't need light. LOL.

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