Friday, March 1, 2013

Short Term Goals - March 2013

It's hard to believe that it's March already.  I'm glad, I'm getting cabin fever!  Yesterday, Buster, DH and I went to the doggie park for the first time.  It was windy and I wasn't walking anywhere fast, but Buster sure enjoyed running around.  I met the guys over there after work, so I didn't have my camera with me.  That said, here are my three short term goals for March:

1)  Get outside and take some photos. 
I miss the outdoors.  So whether it's at the doggie park, walking outside after lunch (!) or working in the yard, remember to carry my camera - or phone!

2)  Work on art journaling.
I have been very negligent of my art journal, and I feel horrible about it.  I think it's because last month I had my class, and was doing my lessons (and reading) more than anything else in my free time.  So, back to art journaling.

3)  Start to pay attention to the kitchen.
That means cleaning AND cooking.  DH is going to see if he can work for himself around town.  He's tired of getting turned down or not getting replies from businesses, so he's going to try a new approach.  Hopefully this will turn out well, with me staying at work all day and doing some of the cooking at night.  I think I can handle that.
Do you have any goals this month?  Anything special happening?


pasqueflower said...

Great goals. I need to get outside and take some more pictures, too, but it is SO cold and blustery! I'm running out of Wordless Wednesday photos.

My goal for March is just to survive tax season and keep on juggling taxes, Etsy, legal research and family without dropping too many balls. Still trying to make at least 5 items per week for my Etsy shop and list something new each week.

Memories for Life said...

Great goals. Photography and art journaling will be fun :)
Best of luck for DH working on his own. He seems to be knowledgeable in many areas, so I think he'll do well. And helping out with the cooking will help him out too.

BeadedTail said...

Getting outside more and doing more art journaling sound like fun! Cooking, not so much! But, it's for a great reason and I wish your DH much luck in working for himself!

Duni said...

I always forget to take my camera along when I'm out and about!
Hope you can sneek in some time for art journaling :)
Becoming self-employed is a great new approach! The best of luck to DH!

NatashaMay said...

Those are great goals. Hope you stick to them so we can see some great pictures. :)

Nancy said...

Sounds good! I'd love to get out more myself! Hey, I started reading Flight Behavior. Just finished the first chapter, but I'll let you know as I progress!

Splendid Little Stars said...

hmmm... I should have some goals. I think it will be to continue working on organizing my house and putting some effort into my etsy shop. I'd like to say it would include something artsy. we'll see....

I'm reading Flight behavior, too! about halfway through.

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