Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Short Term Goals - April 2013

Last month, I stuck to my short term goals pretty well; I took outdoor photos on nice days, worked in my art journal, and helped in the kitchen.  I'm getting better about cleaning up after we eat.  That's part of cooking, I suppose.

So, new short-term goals for April:

1) New Workshop!
At the end of the month, I decided to enroll in another workshop.  I did this because I sold an art journal - mailed it to Norway last week.  Thanks Lill !  This workshop is a little different than ones I've previously been involved with.  There are 21 different artists available to me anytime from April - December.  I figure I need to complete 2-3 "lessons" each month, and I'll keep pace with everyone.  Then the whole workshop disappears at the end of the year.  Some of the instructor's names are familiar to me, so this is a big treat.  It costs $59 - a good price for so many artists. Come and join me if you're interested - it's for art journalists of all skill levels and backgrounds.

No dieting in Bolzano, Italy.
From left: me, mom, and Nicki!
2) Baby Steps Diet
I've decided if I take baby steps in dieting, it might come easier.  My plan is to lose 5 pounds this month, through exercise and watching what I eat.  If it works (I should be able to lose that in water-weight, right?), I'll have the same goal next month.  I really need to get outside and walk, even if it's not power-walking!

one of my ToDos: create an activity calendar
3) Organize on paper
I really like to spend my non-work hours creatively.  And not structured.  But I need to get certain things done.  So it will help to have them written down somewhere.  A ToDo list seems like the perfect answer.  This probably won't be artistic, like Aimee's "List it Tuesday" , but I'm excited to see how it works.  Something on my list this week was to make an activity calendar for April.  Then if I'm home, I know where I have previous obligations at work, and visa versa.  Here the calendar; one thing I can cross off my list (love doing that!)

Do you have any goals for the month?  What are they?


Natashalh said...

Survive! The next 31 days will be non stop for me. I'm en route to Florida for three days, come back for some school, head around the world for a week, and come back in time for final exams and a big standardized test! Then I hope to have a show the first weekend of May! So my goal is making it through the next month intact. Best of luck with your goals!

Memories for Life said...

Your workshop sounds fun! And I like your monthly to do list idea.
Baby Steps is a great way to look at dieting/weight loss. It never happens over night and I like your healthy approach to this :)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I think your goals sound great! I like to keep things organized on paper, too. We have a calendar in our kitchen where I keep track of appointments and the days my husband travels.

Linda Blatchford said...

I hope you enjoy your workshop. I just finished an online class for jewelry designers and am amped. I still have work to do.

The baby steps plan sounds good to me. I need to do something about weight and walking too. I'm a little scared because of my COPD. But I have to try, right?

Thanks for inspiring me.

Karen S. said...

Enjoy your new workshop, and it's true we get there, one baby step at a time, step by step!

pasqueflower said...

Enjoy your workshop!! I also need to get outside and WALK more, now that the snow and ice have (mostly) melted. I'm a compulsive list writer. It feels so good to check something off the list. My hubby suggested I get a white board for my pending Etsy orders. Great idea! I use it every day.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

The workshop sounds awesome... nothing like have 21 teachers available anytime you need them!

Rose said...

Best of luck with everything! I look forward to hearing about the new workshop. Organizing on paper is vital to my daily productivity. I hope that it goes well for you, too.

Abby / Linda said...

You make getting organized sound like sew much fun!

Erika said...

Congrats on the journal sale! The workshop sounds like an interesting one and I like how you used the sale to treat yourself.

I am working on getting back into blogging and creating more products for my shop(s).

Judy Nolan said...

Your 21 Secrets class sounds amazing! I looked at the list of artist-instructors, and I'm sure everyone taking the class will be inspired. Hmmm...short term goal every month for me is to lose 5 pounds. Not as easy to do in practice, though. As for a to-do list, I confess that every list I start, I toss. Guess I'm not a list person!

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