Thursday, June 27, 2013

AlphabeThursday - F is for Fishing

F is for ....  Gosh!  A hard letter for me.  I was thinking, what kinds of materials do I use, that start with the letter F.  I don't use fabrics or fiber a lot, and I've already written about the fabric journal that I made.  But then I came across an index card I made, a few weeks ago.

Now I don't fish but I'll go with DH and sit and read.  That's when I first met him, BTW.  It was at a July 4th party, many years ago.  We were at a pond near some people's home.  I didn't known them, but this guy (DH) was another guest and he was having lots of fun fishing.  He turned my day from dreadful to wonderful.  Something I haven't thought about for quite a while...

In a 21 Secrets workshop, back in April with Rae Missigman, we used recycled materials while making a journal.  And that's where I discovered fruit bags on paper.  

On my index card, I sprayed some ink, then stamped a bunch of small fish.  Next came the orange fruit bag for my net.  I used my handheld Stitch Sew Quick to hold the netting down.  And a bit of paste gel.  The card went onto my letter F index card, with a little light blue color added to the top. 

There you have it!  Another letter index card!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Glue It Tuesday #15 - Chautauqua week

What a busy time I had last week!  The Lawton Chautauqua was lots of fun but took up a good deal of time.  Chautauquas (if you're not familiar with them) began in New York and were scholarly performances out under the big tent.  Nowadays there are daytime lectures/workshops on topics with the five characters from the Chautauqua.  And we moved indoors because it's so hot outside!  

Our "Anything Goes" theme this year included historical characters from the 1920s.  The "cast party" was Saturday night after the last performance by Debra Conner, who portrayed Zelda Fitzgerald.  She did a fabulous job, looking back on her past from a mental hospital, and then, tearing off her robe and speaking to the audience with her short dress and long pearls.  

I've been neglecting my art journal for the past few weeks, but have kept busy making ICADs (Index-Card- A-Day) with Tammy (Daisy Yellow).  I do enjoy documenting my life with my journal (and now cards), though I don't know who will be interested in 50 years...  I found this old photo (above) and thought it was appropriate the night Dr. Doug Mishler was on stage portraying Henry Ford.

On Thursday, I received a pile of postage stamps that I ordered from Cathy Herstedt on Etsy.  The stamps on this card are just two from the package (actually the envelope) she sent me.   

Will things calm down a bit now?  Maybe, as we head into the summer.  At work, we are still trying to finish the Museum artifact inventory; I set our deadline for the end of August, if I'm remembering correctly.  Then onto exhibit design - my next large project.  
More about that to come!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Featured Etsy Curators in May/June 2013

I thought this time around, I'd write about the curators who featured my items in their treasuries.  Come by and visit the shops of these Etsy artists; I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip.  

Back at the end of last month, there were two treasuries that I didn't have time to recognize; one was created by a teammate and the other from someone I'd never met before.  Kathy (tapestry316), a BBArtisans teammate, created  All the Fun of Summer.   Included were my bookmarks.  I love turtles, but don't remember seeing her sea turtle before.  So I thought you might like to see it too! 

It's not very often that someone outside of the BBA team chooses one of my items for a treasury.  So I have to thank Andrea (Mae Warren Designs) for including one of my journals in her treasury called Con Limon Y Sal (With Lemon And Salt).  She has great scarves and hats in her shop.  I think my favorite is her Oatmeal Infinity Cowl.

Duni (PeriDotbyDuni) was inspired by the bright colors that the BBArtisans have in their shops.  Her treasury is called Neon meets pastel.    She included my Green and White Paper Beads.  They aren't exactly neon, just bright!  Keeping with a green and white theme, I'm featuring her not so neon laundry bag - something I'd love to see in my laundry room!

Linda (lindab142), inspired by Blue and Green, chose my Sea of Yellow Flowers Journal.  What?  That's not blue or green!  No matter, I'm glad to be part of a team treasury.  I really like her bracelet and earrings set.  If you have to wear a bracelet, why not make it a stretch one? 

Janell (Dancing Mooney) is another Etsy member who blogs; her shop is under construction and looks like a lot of fun.  Love the name of her treasury:  Not all those who Wander, are Lost...  Some of my paper beads are in this treasury.  I like the idea of specialty soaps; here's her Pink Grapefruit Goat's Milk soap.

Talk about a naming treasuries?  Sharla (Beaded Tail) always has an interesting title.  Her  
It's Summer so Ride a Horse, Pet a Cat, Smell the Flowers - ENJOY Every Moment! includes lots of fun items.  She included my bookmarks with the little house and flowers.  In her shop she has a great mix of both jewelry and journals.  I like her beadwoven bracelets a lot; here's a Purple and brown caterpillar bracelet.   

That's all for the time being.  Come visit the BBArtisans team blog if you have a chance!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

AlphabeThursday - E is for Entertainment

What's your favorite form of entertainment?  I love music, and dance, and theatre.  And PBS is fabulous when you don't have the means of going to a Broadway show or concert.

Mom and I watched "Live from Lincoln Center - Carousel" a few weeks ago, when I spent the night at her house.  I wasn't aware of all the great music in this musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Here's a 3 minute video of one of my favorite scenes:

(This card was made after I heard that Stephen Stills was dead.
But do not fear, he is still alive)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Glue it Tuesday #14 - Challenge within a challenge

I was cleaning my workroom and came across a great way of catching up on my ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day) project at the same time.  Love multi-tasking!

I laid out a bunch of my 3x5 index cards and sprayed some Loctite Spray Adhesive on them.  Great stuff.  Then I took some of my "drop paper" that I use for protecting my desk surface, and pressed the sheet onto all the cards at once.

Three cards with backgrounds, fast and easy.  It’s a great way of getting some color on a page quickly.    

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BTW, have you noticed I have a new URL?  I spent last week trying to figure out why my blog was getting redirected to another website.  And finally found out from GoDaddy that my (unpaid) domain address was absconded by someone, who sold it to a person in Spain.  So be forewarned: Don’t forget to renew your domain.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June BBArtisans Challenge - Artful Letter and Stitch Journal

"How about a little twist on the saying something old."  
That's the challenge that Cynthia (Antiquity Travelers) put before us 
over at the BBArtisans team blog, to take something old and make it new.   

I was thinking, I could make some paper beads from old paper, but decided instead to use one of my 21 Secrets workshops for this challenge.    Joanne Sharpe's Artful Lettering workshop was perfect!   

When I was in the fabric store buying supplies, I found some leftover textiles called "Fabric Quarters."  Aren't they beautiful?  I just love fabric!  I picked up three tie-dye quarters before I even knew what I'd be using them for, just because I liked how they looked.  

After I finished my practice sampler for the workshop, I was instructed to "sandwich" some poly-fil between two pieces of fabric.  Here's where the fabric quarters came in.  Since I don't have a sewing machine, I backstitched around the outside edge of the three layers.  Then used my new found blanket stitch to adhere my stitched muslin piece to the cover.  I sprayed glue on my practice sampler and it's now on the inside cover.  The last step was to sew at least one signature into my journal - I used white mixed media paper.  

So here it is:  Something Old (the fabric) and 
Something New (my stitching and mixed media paper)!   

Thursday, June 13, 2013

AlphabeThursday - D is for Dot

D is for DOT.
Also know by artists as a Round.
Best know in the world as a Circle.

My favorite way of making dots is with Punchinella.  Ever heard of this?  Well, I didn't know what it was until two or three years ago.  Then I took an art journaling class with Moira Richardson, and my whole way of looking at circles changed.

This is Moira's explanation of punchinella:
"Punchinella is the by-product of the sequin manufacturing process -- rather than let this stuff go to waste, manufacturers make this sequin waste available to the public for fabulous artistic experimentations. Lots of people use this for everything from wreath-making to stenciling in our art journals! If you haven't tried it yet -- what are you waiting for? You'll love it!"

Don't want dots on your page?  Punchinella comes in different shapes.  
Moira has lots of it for sale in her Etsy shop if you're interested. 

Here's my index card for the week.

You can see what great dots it left on the paper.  I used spray ink, but you can apply ink from stamp pads or use foam pads and paint.  I might add something more to this card, but I do kinda like it just the way it is!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glue It Tuesday #13 - jump in puddles

Lately, I've been using index cards and not my art journal, for creating artwork.  I just finished making a fabric journal in one of my 21 Secrets workshop - no glue there.  So I decided to start another workshop that would be more paper oriented.

What did I choose?  It's called "Jump in Puddles" with Kim Philips Van Buren.  Sounded appropriate, since we've had a lot of rain around here lately...

Our first exercise included getting "unstuck."  This included buying a cheap notebook and ripping out pages from magazines.  And Gluing!  Here's one of my pages that I thought I'd work with this week.

The second exercise included getting "juicy" - adding paper scraps, stamps, etc to make the simple page into something exciting.  Like everyone else, I gather lots of paper scraps.  That big number "5733" came from me bringing in my new car for it's first (free!) checkup.  I also added some paper towels that had overspray on it.  I love gluing down paper towels...

Next I added some leftover green watercolor, that had dried up in my mixing palette.  When the page dried, I printed some leaves from a stamp that I recently carved.  

Since I haven't worked directly in my art journal for a long time (feels very weird), I cut and taped this page in.   Ahhh, that's better! And it was completely fun.  I usually finish one page at a time in my art journal, but this was totally different.  There are other pages from Exercise #1 (gluing), which I'll get to later.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

May treasuries not to forget!

I must say I was caught by surprise when two of my shop items landed in Etsy treasuries that I wasn't even aware of.    One was a group of paper beads, which was a lot of fun.  And the other a treasury focusing on the color yellow.  The curators were Midnight Dreary

But what has the BBArtisans team been up to?   Lots of things! 

Last month, LeAnn was following our Spring time challenge (flowers) with a treasury called Bloom!  She included my Maroon Art journal here.

I missed out seeing Natasha's treasury.  She's in Hawaii right now.  Looks like she was getting ready for traveling, in her treasury "Memories"

Cynthia was getting ready for this month's challenge, with a treasury called "Something Old is Something New"  She included my beads, made from old wrapping paper!

At the very end of last month, Linda squeaked in a treasury called Summer dreamin'.  Now where is that woman's mind!  Guess I shouldn't be talking!  That's six treasuries that I almost missed entirely!  Stay tuned for some more treasuries to come...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

AlphabeThursday - C is for Correspondence

This week for AlphabeThursday, we are looking at the letter C.  What popped into my head first was something I deal with all day long at work: correspondence!

Being an archivist at a Museum, I read a lot of letters.  When I was young, I'd love to write and receive letters and postcards.  Usually they went to family members, but I did have a few pen pals over the years.  

Now I don't write many letters, but I still love the idea of sending postcards.  I joined a group called Postcrossing, where you send and receive postcards around the world.  This is the last postcard I receive, from China. It didn't take that long to travel to the U.S. -  only 24 days.  My postcard from Lithuania took 94 days to reach me!

Most people want travel postcards or nature scenes, but now I'd rather send my own artwork.  So I'm thinking of joining another group.  Any recommendations? 

Check out what other "members of the class" picked for their Letter C.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Glue It Tuesday #12 - hand sewing

Here's my ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day) for June 2nd, with a photo of some letter stitching for my workshop, Artful Letter and Stitch.  This piece of muslin I'm planning to stitch down on the cover of my fabric journal.  I used the two stitches we were taught ( the chain stitch and backstitch) and some fabric paints that I had.  I'll be showing my progress as the month continues.  Think it's going to take awhile...  

Catch what other art journalists are gluing, over at Aimee's blog, Artsyville.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

ICAD 2013 - my first Index-Card-A-Month

I've decided to join Daisy Yellow's ICAD (Index Card a Day).  I got a bunch of 3x5 cards and also found some old 3x5 dividers I had.  This week's theme is COLOR, and there are eight prompts, which I may or may not use:
Zebra, Candyland, Faux Stitching, Wallpaper, 
Recycle/Repurpose, Crown, Paisley, and Calligraphy

Come join Daisy Yellow and the rest of us with your index cards!

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