Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Glue (and tape) it Tuesday – paper flowers

I was at Hobby Lobby this past weekend, buying some small paintbrushes I needed when I saw other things on sale.  You see, I’ve been planning to make some layered paper flowers so I thought I’d look around for supplies.  I found the brads, but no paper flowers.  So I put the brads back. After walking around the store some more, I found some small packages of cut flowers of various colors and sizes.  Just what I was looking for.  When I reached the check-out aisle, I realized that I had forgotten the brads.  Darn!  

“Silly me.  I returned the brads to the shelf at Hobby Lobby 
and have the flowers by themselves.”

I really need a shopping list when I go into any store (stay tune for this week’s AlphabeThursday post).
Monday I went to court and now my divorce is final. All but the paperwork, which needs one more signature – my X's!  When I met with my attorney last week, he said everything was moving along so quickly. Not like his usual cases.  He was just about to ask me if I wanted my maiden name back when he looked down at the Order Exhibit in his hands; 

“Oh, you already have your name,” he said. “Yep” I replied.

No glue over at Aimee's Artsyville blog but there is a lot of tape! 


Andria said...

Sorry to hear about your divorce, but I'm glad that it has moved along quickly for you, rather than dragging on. Your flowers look good alone, but I can imagine the frustration of walking out without the brads!

Campbell Jane said...

I love Hobby Lobby and I have been know to sing that! Love your page brads or no brads. I am so sorry to hear about your divorce & my heart goes out to you not being able to imagine all the heartache you must have been going through. I said a prayer for you.

Memories for Life said...

I love paper flowers! I've also used little gems or a blog of glitter glue in the middle of them before too.

And I love how the Your Name plays into the conversation and page :)

Natashalh said...

Hobby Lobby sales are dangerous things! It's my favorite of the chain craft stores, for sure. Sadly the nearest one is about a half hour drive from me. I love your flowers! They look very pretty as is. =)

Rose Clearfield said...

Your flowers are great with or without the brads!

Judy Nolan said...

I'm glad for your sake that the divorce is not dragging itself out.

On the subject of the flowers, you know I love them! I work with them nearly every day. What you did looks great, but you can use lots of things besides brads: buttons, beads, pearls, sequins, even embroidery stitches.

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