Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September BBArtisans Challenge – Back to Childhood

Kathy's zentangle fish
When I read the BBArtisans September Challenge, Back to Childhood, and saw Kathy’s zentangle, it reminded me of my coloring days.  As a girl, I wasn’t into sewing, or knitting, or crocheting.  But give me a coloring book or a puzzle, and I was happy!    

A few years ago I bought this wonderful coloring book from a woman in Israel; here’s her shop.  The mandalas were so beautiful, I didn’t what to disturb them.  But this mouth, I decided to play, trying different materials on the paper.  Here are some of my finished pieces.  

With my first mandala I used watercolor pencils (here’s the pencil coloring above).  If you’re not familiar with this, you used the pencils regularly, then take a brush and add water to them. I went out and bought some tiny brushes, because the drawings were so intricate (and I like to stay within the lines!)

Now the mandala has been painted with water.  The paper needs a little more smoothing out, since the designs weren’t printed on watercolor paper.  But I really like how it came out.

With the second mandala I used my new Distress Markers.  They are similar to Coptic markers, with two heads.  One end is labeled “brush” and the other is “fine,” like a pen.  I have a set of 12 called Seasonal Colors, and bought them on Joggles.  You can also buy the markers one by one.

On the third mandala, I was going to use my little box of watercolors, but decided to try  more of the Distress Markers.  I also gave the paper a light dusting of blue with ink from my Ranger stamp pad, which is archival. 

This is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy art.  Since I didn’t have to worry about the design, all I was left to do was choose colors.  The more complicated a design is, the better your final product turns out, if you’re careful.  Everyone should try this.  Go out and get a coloring book, if you don’t have one in the house already!  Thanks, Athena, for creating the chalenge and the BBArtisansteam for bringing me something to relax with!  


Memories for Life said...

What fun designs! And what fun to color again! I love the colors you chose here.

pasqueflower said...

Those are beautiful! I loved to color as a child, too. (And later, with grandkids.)

Rose Clearfield said...

I don't do a lot of drawing, but there is something about coloring that is extremely relaxing. I've always enjoyed it, too.

Duni said...

The mandalas are gorgeous! I find the symmetrical patterns so pleasing to the eye!
I used to draw a lot - these days just sketching :)

Natashalh said...

I love coloring! It's really fun. Those are beautiful mandalas, too. I've always enjoyed their symmetry and organic apperance.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Those are beautiful designs! I loved to color when I was a kid, and still do -- having a granddaughter who likes to color gives me an excuse! It might be fun to try the watercolor pencils with her!

Kathleen said...

What fun! They all came out really neat - great color choices. Thank you for featuring my little fish ACEO =)

Splendid Little Stars said...

How fun! The mandalas look great!
I really like watercolor pencils, too.

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