Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BBArtisans November Challenge and Glue It Tuesday - Fall Colors

This month, the BBArtisans team challenge is brought to us by Edi (Memories for Life), Team Captain and custom scrapbook maker/laser engraver.  November is the end of Autumn (winter actually begins Dec 21st this year), and Edi is giving us a chance to create one last fall inspired piece.      

wooden lasered leaf, made by Edi for a teammate

At the end of the month, come visit the BBArtisans team blog and see all the great artwork.  Also beginning November 21st, come by and find out who’s participating in the BBA Holiday Sales. 

So, what did I decide to do for the Fall Colors Challenge?  Well, I’ve been wanting to use my art journal again as a personal diary.  And now was the perfect time to start, with so many things happening in my life.  I’ve always had a thing for diaries since I was a little girl.  And I know if I don’t write my feelings down, I loose my thoughts as the years pass. 

My November BBArtisans Challenge spread actually began with a fortune cookie, from a luncheon last week with co-workers.  It got me thinking about my life to come.  Yes, it’s a little silly to believe in fate through cookies, but it’s fun to speculate about the unknown.

This Friday and Saturday I’ll be a Holiday Bazaar vendor at the Unitarian Universalist Church.  While making my new Mini-Books, I ended up with a bunch of paper strips.  A perfect opportunity for a new art journal spread!  Some of the strips were wide enough for me to punch circles (I love circles!)  I used Liquidex Gloss Gel Medium to affix them to the page.  The pages were a bit sticky, so I decided to paint some clear gesso over the spread.  Mission accomplished, except the gesso is a bit rough to the touch.  Has this happened to you?

Anyway, lots of things came with my fortune cookie: a nice lunch, an art journal spread, the November BBArtisans Challenge, a Glue It Tuesday post, a new approach to my art journal, and hopefully sunshine into someone's life!  Don’t forget to come by Aimee’s blog (Artsyville) and see all the wonderful glue projects.


Memories for Life said...

What a great fortune and I love how your turned it into a page. Love the fall colors :)
Thanks for sharing my leaf too :)

Patricia said...

Absolutely beautiful!! Love the color palette on your journal spread!

Linda said...

Love how you used the paper strips and incorporated them into the background of your pages-nice textural element! And it is fun to read fortune cookies and horoscopes :)

merriamfrank said...

I can never resist a fortune cookie, either! They're just fun. And oh, my, gosh, I LOVE the fall spread!!! The colors & stripes are fabulous! It's somehow earthy and vibrant yet calm... just like fall to me!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Great fortune! We hang onto ours and put them on the bulletin board in the kitchen. The brand I tea I buy also has little "tea fortunes" on the end of the strings, and I tend to keep those, too.

Your journal looks great!

Campbell Jane said...

Awesome! Oh gosh I love circles too & balls - round things, it's become a joke around here. I'm round too hahaha Good luck hope you get lots of sales!

Rose Clearfield said...

What a colorful spread!

Splendid Little Stars said...

The overall look of the spread us very cool!
I wish I had written down some of my feelings during the time I was taking care of my elderly mother. I like the idea of expressing feeling in an art journal.

Splendid Little Stars said...

That's a wonderful fortune!

Duni said...

The colourful strips make a pretty collage! Love the leaves interspersed between them.
Like Paige, I tend to keep the messages inside fortune cookies and pin them on the board in the kitchen :) Sometimes they are very cryptic!

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