Sunday, March 31, 2013

BBArtisans Treasured Features in March 2013

I'd like to give thanks to all the curators who included one of my items in their Etsy treasuries.  Here are some of my favorite things in their shops.  Enjoy these artisans work and shop handmade!

Cotton Scrunchie
Margaret (Splendid Little Stars) created two treasuries I was in, in the middle of March; my yellow and green on white art journal was a perfect match for her second treasury called exploring color combos - green and yellow.  I wear scrunchies all the time and have been looking at Margaret's hand dyed assortments for a long time now!  I decided to take my own advice and buy this one.  It'll go with everything!  So excited!  Thanks Margaret.

Wooden Anchor Cuff Links
I know Edi (memories for life) loves pink and was so happy to have something that would complement her treasury, my bookmarks with the pink flowers.  If you enjoy pink, don't miss out on her treasury, Pretty in Pink.  I love her new line of men's accessories, especially the nautical theme.  

Fertile Earth Felted Wool Needle Book
Judy (JNOriginals) was another BBArtisans who made two different treasuries I appeared in.  I commented on her Lavender-Lovely! treasury about the beauty of multiple shades of the same color appearing in one item.  Here's living truth in Judy's green felted needle book.

bohemian chocker
I love the music of the Moody Blues, and was so please to land in Cynthia's (Antiquity Travelers) treasury by the same name!  Many of her jewelry pieces are unique - I thought I'd show everyone a close up of this necklace, which people might miss on a casual pass through!

kitty earrings in antique circles
Yesterday, Sharla at Beaded Tail, surprised me with a cute treasury called Bunnies, Cats, Spring and...A Carrot?  Yes, all those items and more were in the treasury.  I went by her shop to see if there was anything that caught my attention in particular, and found these two adorable kitties.    

Thursday, March 28, 2013

AlphabeThursday - S is for Stencils

I've been using 7½" x 10" composition books for the past few years, as art journals.  And I love them!  What I usually do first is to put gesso down on the pages, to make the paper sturdier.  
But what next?

Stencils have become one of my favorite methods of getting a second layer into my journal.  Very often I'll pull out my ink pads and ink sprays to add color and depth.  There are many items you can find around the house, like screens and washers, to use as stencils which make perfect backgrounds.  

Then there are thick Mylar stencils.  These are a bit expensive so I'm careful with what I buy.  I must admit, I've found that bigger stencils work better than smaller.  If I want to use a specific part of a stencil, I'll either apply color with an applicator or mask off the sections I don't want to use and spray my inks on the page.

But I've found it hard to spray liquid inks through stencils because everything gets so wet!  Sometimes I'll take a paper towel and blot or rub over the stencil, which leave the design on the page.  That's what happened here with my green spray "Cut Grass" from Dylusions.  Because I put white gesso down first, my green has tinted to a lime color as I rubbed over the stencil. 

I continued to add things on top of my page: tape, paper and glue.  I had glue on my mind because I was thinking about Glue It Tuesday!  So this page became a spread!  Usually, when I feel I've worked enough, I'll stop.  The worst thing to do is not know when to stop!  I've done that before...  Nowadays, I'll walk away from my artwork (and blogging) and return later to see how I feel about it.

 All I needed to do was write in the date (and here, a title)  - that's always important to me!

This post is for my favorite weekly prompt: AlphabeThursday.  
Come see the other posts at Ms. Jenny's blog.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glue It Tuesday and Sketchbook Challenge - Natural Surfaces

It was two weekends ago that we had some beautiful weather in Oklahoma.  I went outside and took photos of our freshly mowed yard and the plants that were doing so nicely.  This all reminded me of creating a journal spread for March's Sketchbook Challenge:

"Natural Surfaces"

When I hear the phrase natural surfaces, I think of nature and things outside.  So I looked around for some interesting surfaces and came upon the rocks my husband was placing around some of the plants.

I love these rocks from the Wichita Mountains that are naturally circular.  People living near the mountains' lake used them many years ago to build their summer cottages.  When we moved into our house in town (near the mountains) we found a bunch of these boulders and used them to decorate the yard.  

This is one of my favorite photos - boulders around a new plant.  I'll be anxious to see how well it grows... and what it is!  It's some sort of perennial, because we didn't plant it this year!  In my journal, I put tape in the corners of the picture, but the image is actually glued down.
Visit The Sketchbook Challenge blog to find more "Natural Surfaces" and Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday to see more art journaling using glue.

Monday, March 25, 2013

art journaling techniques - using modeling paste

As many of my friends know, I love to participate in challenges.  When I saw that the Art Journaling Ning was starting up a new monthly challenge, I knew I wanted to participate.  Kathi mentioned the use of modeling clay, and I had just bought some a few weeks ago.  So I decided to show you what I did with it.

I started out with gesso on a lined sheet of paper in my composition book.  Usually I put color down next but I decided to place my large Mylar flowered stencil on the white page.  I taped off the stencil so only one flower was available at a time and smeared some Liquidex Modeling Paste over it, using a credit card.   Very easy to find in craft stores.

Then I painted over the page with watercolor, applied some circles with punchilla on the sides and stamped a few dragonflies.  This was the first time I ever used modeling paste, so I will play some more with it later.  I might take a photo of a city scene and use the paste for the exterior of buildings. Think that would be cool!

Here's a view of the entire page.  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

AlphabeThursday - R is for Red

The week was already halfway over when I realized I needed to get a post ready for  AlphabeThursday!  I hadn’t made anything new in my art journal specifically for the color red, 
but have been using lots of pink and fuchsia lately.

So I sat down last night to do something create with red.  I got out my glue and looked for red paper, red Washi tape and red ribbon.  That wasn’t hard to do.

This is the spread I came up with.  It’s not a favorite but that’s what 
art journaling is all about: experimenting and playing!

Come and visit Ms. Jenny’s blog, on my tangent... and see what other 
bloggers are thinking about, when faced with the Letter R.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

All day journal spread - Saturday

I don't know what I was thinking about last Saturday, when I created this page...
...hoping the weather was going to stay nice, 
wishing for rain to get the ground moist...  

And I was experimenting with Dylusions White Linen ink spray.  When I think I may use water or heavy inks in my journal, I like to cover my pages with gesso.  That's how I started out here.  Instead of spraying the White Linen on top of some other color on the pages, I put the White Linen down first and let it dry.  Then I added two colors, "squeezed orange" and "funky fuchsia".  Love the names of these Dylusions ink sprays...

One of my favorite elements of the spread is in the middle.  Which is kinda funny because that's where I messed up and got the pages too wet.  The paper started to separate from the binding, so I punched a circle from some over-spray paper and glued it down on the crease.  Then I put some Washi tape along the fold.  I saw a face in the circle smiling at me and "helped" it along with some red ink.     

The more I played with the pages, the more things changed.  
I stamped and taped and wrote and dated. 

 And finally stopped.  It took all day - getting up and going outside, walking away to let paint dry, taking out markers and micron pens.   There's even a message under the envelope seal!

"sitting outside, looking at the nicely cut lawn and the birds getting their full of bugs and worms.  Finally, Spring is here.  I wish it could stay like this all year.  But tomorrow will be cloudy... enjoy the sun today!"

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Treasuries and Features from BBArtisans and Friends

This month has surely been running away without me.  I thought I completed my treasury for the month, a few weeks ago.  No, that was February!  Here's two treasuries I made on Sunday; one in honor of St. Patrick's Day,

the other recognizing our tinting challenge on the BBArtisans team.

And to give thanks to all the curators who included one of my Etsy shop items in their treasuries, let me feature some favorites from their shops!

Corinne from 6catsart included one of my paper beaded bracelet kits in her treasury,  Art is in the Soul.  She sells original watercolors in her shop.  Lots of birds and beaches, my favorites!  Here's some seagulls. 

Linda from PruittCreations had a sweet treasury she named How many cats do you see? at the end of last month.   I didn't have any cats in my art journal, but you could always draw some in!  She's going wild with her aprons; thought I'd look around and pick out a favorite.

Trina from trinasclaycreations gave us a treasury full of gift ideas called Yellow Butterfly at the beginning of March.  She included some of my Florentine marbled paper beads.  I love her shop!  It's so unique and such fun.  Trina's a great sculptress.  Most of the pieces are cake toppers, but them I was looking around and found  a section of boxes and vases!

Natasha over at Stalking the Wild Snark, is a woman after my heart!  I love her maritime theme with knotted ropes and nautical flags.  Her treasury, Pretty in...Purple! includes a great array of color, including my flowered covered art journal.  I've noticed that she has a new line of products in her shop: needlecrafts!  Here's a beautiful hand quilted batik pincushion.

Rose from randomcreative gave us some Soft Spring in Pink and Green to ogle at.  I've always loved her beadweaving and thought I'd pick a "clunky" one to should all the effort that goes into beading with thousands of seed beads, and keeping a pattern going, at the same time!

And just today, Trina (trina'aclaycreations) put together another treasury, Happy Blues!, to recognize BBArtisans in the month of March.  I found a cake topper with an Alice in Wonderland theme, which is just TOO CUTE!

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from all these great curators.  
And come visit their treasuries! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Glue it Tuesday - Day of Pi

Aimee over at Artsyville has halted her prompts for List it Tuesday.  But she has come up with a great replacement:  Glue it Tuesday.  So I'll be playing along with her.  Here's my first glue project, before I even knew it was a possibility - her thoughts must have traveled over the internet to me...

Last Thursday was the Day of Pi, that is March 14th, or 3.14 !  

I was playing around with my spray paints and realized I hadn't written in my journal for a long time.  Well, I guess I didn't write too much here either.  But I took the paper towels I used to mop up the overspray of this spread and formed them into the word PI.  Yes, pi is actually a word, and a great one to use while playing scrabble!

Come Tuesday, hop over to Artsyville and see what other gluing projects are going on.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BBArtisans March Challenge - tinted colors

Pruitt Creations' square breast cancer pillow, pink ribbon
Tinted colors are colors mixed with white, which increase their lightness.  They have been toned down or softened.  This March for our BBArtisans' Monthly Challenge, Linda (Pruitt Creations) challenges us to explore color in terms of tint.  I decided to experiment and see what happens when I add white to some of the products I use everyday.

At first I tried some acrylic paint and my modeling paste.  But the (off-white) paste didn't break down like I thought it would.

So I decided to use my Dylusion's ink sprays, which are always fun to play with.  I just got a bottle of white ink spray, something new Dylusion sells.  Although most of my ink sprays are light in the first place, the colors softened when I sprayed white over them.  So it's true - white added to regular colors result in tinting!

 Here's another example with some photography.  I looked for the brightest page in my current art journal, and with the magic of photography, I tinted one of the images.

You can see it much better, side by side. The white really took away the impact of the page, toning it down.  Even though I'm not too enthusiastic about bright colors, I like the brighter photo better here.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

AlphabeThursday - P is for Postal Art

Postal art, also know as mail art, includes sending art through the mail, making your own postage and postcards, and using envelopes as a canvas.  In Lesson 4 in my Fantasy Faux Mail class, we first took old envelopes and painted on them.  Then, our instructor gave us some templates to use for making portfolios for mixed media postcards.

Let me show you the envelopes I painted.  Unluckily, I didn't have any with neat cursive writing on the front, but there were "cues" that I took from the ones I found, which helped me tell stories with my art.  Something I always like to do.

This legal envelope with the see-through window was from the Navy Department.  I decided to use it for the cover of my art journal, and put the date (year) in the window.   

This envelope was addressed to a local veterinarian, from the School of Veterinary Medicine.  He probably attended school there.

And the last envelope had a star with the return address on it (the address I “photoshoped” out to protect the innocent).  In the middle of the star are the initials P.E.O.  I looked it up after I finished and found out it stands for Professional Employer Organization - nothing to do with guns and violence.  The star reminded me of a sheriff’s badge, and that’s where I came up with my envelope's theme.  Very relevant to what’s happening in the U.S. right now.

I've never thought of myself as an artist, but have learned that if you're patient and draw in pencil first, you can copy just about anything on paper.  I challenge you, give it a try!  

This post was for AlphabeThursday, found at Ms. Jenny's blog, on my tangent...  Come by and see what others are thinking about, when faced with the Letter P.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Month of Photographs - February 2013

February was all about the mail art class I took.  It was four weeks long, and kept me very busy.  First, I made luggage tags (6) like this image transfer of deer in the woods using acetone.  Week 2 we made our own postage stamps (2) which was a lot of fun.  I'll be making more of them.  Week 3 we made some postcards (7); here's one that I made.  Then the last week I painted envelopes (1) -  I really enjoyed this too.  I didn't mail many postcards in February - here's one I received (4) from a young woman in Russia.  Most of my art journaling was in reference to my List It Tuesday posts; one week I wrote about things I use for unintended purposes (my phone as an alarm clock - 3) ; another list included (5) things I use in the house for stenciling.  I caught my DH's cold, so that's why I'm a little late in posting.  Still feeling down and out with a headache and I'm all stuffed up {:-(

Friday, March 1, 2013

Short Term Goals - March 2013

It's hard to believe that it's March already.  I'm glad, I'm getting cabin fever!  Yesterday, Buster, DH and I went to the doggie park for the first time.  It was windy and I wasn't walking anywhere fast, but Buster sure enjoyed running around.  I met the guys over there after work, so I didn't have my camera with me.  That said, here are my three short term goals for March:

1)  Get outside and take some photos. 
I miss the outdoors.  So whether it's at the doggie park, walking outside after lunch (!) or working in the yard, remember to carry my camera - or phone!

2)  Work on art journaling.
I have been very negligent of my art journal, and I feel horrible about it.  I think it's because last month I had my class, and was doing my lessons (and reading) more than anything else in my free time.  So, back to art journaling.

3)  Start to pay attention to the kitchen.
That means cleaning AND cooking.  DH is going to see if he can work for himself around town.  He's tired of getting turned down or not getting replies from businesses, so he's going to try a new approach.  Hopefully this will turn out well, with me staying at work all day and doing some of the cooking at night.  I think I can handle that.
Do you have any goals this month?  Anything special happening?

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