Thursday, October 31, 2013

AlphabeThursday – XXXI is for thirty-one

Today is Octo XXXI, or in English, October 31.

The month octo comes from the Roman numeral eight.  October used to be the eigth month of the calendar year.  January and February were added later, ca. 700 BCE by King Numa Pompilius, so the months would better align with the seasons.  Something I never knew before!

I’m trying out my new Twinkling H2Os by Luminarte, to see if I can make my page shiny.  I’ll be taking a 21 Secrets class with Dion Dior, who’s known for using shimmer and sparkle in her artwork.  My Silks Acrylic Glaze (also by Luminarte) just arrived yesterday, so I know what I'm doing this weekend!  

What other words begin with the Letter X?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glue It Tuesday – Girls’ night out!

I met a friend on the street when out walking my dog.  
To tell my visual story, I glued in my journal a doggie and made houses with some Canadian stamps.  When I found the "Girls' night out" amid my magazine quotes, I thought it was fitting...  I hope she'll be joining me at a local jazz concert Halloween night!

Come and see what others are gluing over at Aimee's blog, Artsyville. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Morning view of my sister's backyard, with the Hudson River in the background.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

AlphabeThursday - V is for Vacation

What perfect timing for AlphabeThursday Letter V.  Actually, I was having the hardest time thinking of a word.  Then I woke last Saturday morning, wondering what the weather was going to be like while Mom and I were on vacation.  We’re flying out of Oklahoma City early Thursday morning; that should be today for a lot of my readers!

So I don’t have any photos of what I did, but I do know where I’m going.

New York/New Jersey.  Fall colors, large trees, lots of family.

Here’s a glimpse of where we’ll be staying, at my sister’s home in New York. 
That’s the Hudson River in the distance.  Beautiful view, eh?

On Sunday, we plan to go into Manhattan and see an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It's called “Interwoven World.”  Here’s a slide show from their website.

What other words begin with the Letter V?
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Storybeader over at The Stylist Studio

Monday, I’m a guest artist over at Cheryl Gee’s website called The Stylist Studio.  She’s 

a lot like me: a librarian and paper lover.  We’ve both been participating in art journaling

 endeavors like Glue it Tuesday.  Come visit her website, and read all about me!  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

AlphabeThursday – U is for Union

Union, the joining
Together of elements
From both earth and sea.

Union is the name of a turquoise and pearl necklace that I plan to enter in the Firehouse Art Center’s Holiday Gift Gallery this year.  I’m bringing five necklaces to the Gallery, and I know they will want this one in their show.   

Interested in reading more about it?  
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Interested in purchasing the necklace? 
There’s a 30% discount through the Newsletter,
so come and join me if you don’t already receive it.  

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glue It Tuesday – composition books

I’ve been thinking how to beautify my composition book, that I’m using as a notebook.  I know you’ve seen them before.  I have just a basic one, that’s black and white.  These are the foundation for many art journals.  There’s something about their size that’s just right.  Too bad they don’t come with watercolor papers... but then they would be much more expensive!  I just lay gesso or paint down, or glue in another sheet on top of the pages.  

This is my current art journal.

And here's the year before.  
But back to the notebook at hand...  

What’s in it?  Notes about the books I read, lists and dreams, sketches and doodles.  What I decided to do was take my favorite coloring book page I completed last month for the BBArtisan Challenge and glue it to the cover of the book.  

Then I used Aimee’s “Secret Garden” washi tape and framed the artwork – 
the colors went so well together.

Here’s the end result!  That’s a far cry from what I started with!

Come over to Aimee’s Glue it Tuesday Linky and see what everyone is glueing. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Double treasuries from teammates

I have to give a special shout out to Margaret (Splendid Little Stars) and Judy (MisterPenQuin) this weekend for including me in two of their treasuries, so close together.  

Margaret and I have been deliberating upon the same paths lately.  Her late September treasury is called “Turquoise”; I’ve been thinking about doing something with all those turquoise beads that are taking up two drawers in my desk.  I’m not sure what she was thinking about, but I bet it was her trip to Canada.  Check out her wonderful photographs of Lake Louise

Margaret’s second treasury changed gears with “Dreaming of pumpkins and Autumn leaves.”  Again, I have been thinking about pumpkins!  I just relisted my pumpkin journal (which appears in this treasury) and have been ogling Halloween decorations.

My other double treasury thanks goes to Judy.  She has been spending more time recently with MisterPenQuin, one of my favorite Etsy shops to visit.  Maybe because I’m a paper freak at heart and I just love the patterned paper she uses in her handmade books and clipboards.  At the end of September, Judy was looking at the beauty of fall with her treasury Every Leaf in Autumn is a flower.

Her other treasury was a delightful surprise to me, called Bound by the Word.   I am so honored to be part of this wonderful bookmaking group, and found a lot of new friends while visiting this treasury.

Please help me thank these dear friends and link over to their Etsy shops and treasuries.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

AlphabeThursday - T is for Tag

Last week, I was in the midst of my OMA (Oklahoma Museum Association) conference.  Here’s my name tag (taped to my T index card), that had all the paid meals and activities included on the back side.  A real convenient identification piece to wear.  Now I have another way to remember the 2013 Conference (along with my conference cover page I made for Glue it Tuesday .)

 We all met in Enid, Oklahoma for the conference.  A small town that is now increasing in size because of the oil and gas boom.  It is the home of the largest land run in history, that happened on September 16, 1893.  Yes, it’s the one you see in the movies.  One of the places we visited (and had dessert last Thursday night)  was at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center.  It has a museum and a great little village with historic buildings and living history interpreters.  And the weather was absolutely wonderful!

Our pre-conference event was a tour of a few sites.  We visited the Sod House Museum in Aline, Oklahoma, which is located about 32 miles north of where the conference was held.  The house was built by Marshal McCully, who took part in the land run.  It was built with buffalo grass sod in 1894.  Amazing that it’s still standing over a century later… probably because the Oklahoma Historical Society acquired the property in 1963.  But still!  Now it’s protected by a large wooden building, built around the home.

Hope you enjoyed your little trip to the Enid area.  Come visit us over at Ms. Jenny’s blog, …off on my tangent… and see what other T words bloggers chose for this week.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Glue It Tuesday – a friendly recommendation

I have a recommendation: get a large inexpensive notebook, then cut and paste magazine photos to the pages.  I did this back in June with Kim Phillips Van Buren in her 21 Secrets workshop called “Jump in Puddles.”  It was during Exercise One: “get unstuck!”  I have to admit, I didn’t fill my whole notebook, but that’s something I can continue another day when I have the time and space to spread out again.  Anyway, these pages I now go to, when I don’t have anything specific in mind and I want to get started on a project.

 I found this baseball pitcher I liked and tore him out of my notebook.  Recently, I learned that baseball season was coming to an end and thought I could honor it in some way (and you thought this was football season!)  As I was preparing to glue the page into my art journal, I saw there was something on the back.  Oopps!  Change of plan!

So I taped the page in instead.  And decided to start my art project with this bright, cheery side rather than the baseball player.  First, I colored the page with markers.  Just so happened (doesn’t it always come about that way?) I was at an annual conference last week and the scheduling booklet was sitting on my desk.  The cover matched so well, I decided to tear off some pieces and glued them to my “bright, cheery” page.

To remind myself of where I had been, I glued on the title of the conference and wrote a little note in the bottom corner.   VoilĂ , it’s finished! 

Come and see what other gluing projects are going on through the linky tool at Aimee’s  Artsyville. 
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