Thursday, November 28, 2013

AlphabeThursday - Black Friday with the BBArtisans

There are a few artisans on my Etsy BBArtisans team who are starting their Holiday Sales on Black Friday.  Me included!  Come by Etsy and get a head start on your great handmade sales tomorrow.  

I'm not too sure how to use codes and all (I should know by now...).  So when you see something to purchase in my shop, like the mini books (perfect stocking stuffers!), leave me a message on Etsy or an email, and I'll make sure you get your 20% off - I'll make up a special order with your name on it!

 Linda (LindaB142 - LinorStore Jewelry) has already begun her sale:
Thanksgiving/Black Friday Specials  11/25 = 11/30, Free US shipping ($3 value)  Use Code FREEUSSHIP.  (If you purchase a kippah, I'll apply part of the coupon code to the priority mail amount.)  Use Code THANKS25 for 25% off of $15 purchase on 12/2 - Cyber Monday.

Judy (MisterPenQuin) has creative accessories for creative minds.  I love her little notebooks, spiral bound.  Her Save The Date Notebooks are the cutest!
Black Friday to Cyber Monday  10% Off All Items  No coupon code necessary - discount applied during checkout. 

Our other teammate Judy (JNOriginals) has a special long weekend sale, 
plus a clearance going on in her shop!   This is a favorite of mine.
Black Friday to Cyber Monday  10% Off Everything  No coupon code necessary - discount applied during checkout PLUS CLEARANCE (scarves, felted bowls & more) - prices reflect 50% discount.

Ayla (Eyelah) has already started her sale.  She has some warm looking scarves and beautiful little purses, just in time for the holidays.  

Use code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off  Open between 11/22 - 12/22

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glue it Tuesday Butterflies

When I was a vendor at a Holiday Bazaar a few weeks ago, I brought my mandala coloring book and distress markers to keep me occupied.  I got a lot of playtime in,  and also sold three journals to old and new friends.  One of the mandalas had butterflies in them, which was so pretty.

This weekend I decided a good way to keep the butterflies a memory for me was to cut them (along with the flowers) from the coloring book and glued them into my art journal.  Next I cut strips of paper that I used to make my mini notebooks and added them to the outside of the spread. These mini notebooks sold well at the Bazaar; maybe because they were so inexpensive.  Extra sets of four are currently in my Etsy shop.

I watercolored the background of the spread and added grass.  If you know me, you’ll know I enjoy to journal with visual scenes.  Doesn’t this look like a Spring day.  Wishful thinking…

 Monday morning I decided to write something about the early winter blizzard we had in Oklahoma during the weekend, with 4” of snow!  That’s a record  for this area in the month of November!

Come by Aimee’s website at Artsyville and link to other artists who created art journal pages for Glue It Tuesday.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanks to curators on Etsy

I like to thank Etsy curators for including  my pieces of artwork in their treasury.
Here are two artists  from the month of November so far.

Kathy is a fella member of the BBA team.  And here’s Michael, one of her goats when he was a baby.  Usually, we see her horses, so it’s nice to see what else is on her farm… or ranch, I guess!  If my readers love horses, or have grand/daughters who do, stop by Kathy’s Etsy shop and see what wonderful artwork is available for you.

The other artist is LeAnn, another member of the BBA team.  Her treasury featured Gifts for Guys under $35.  And isn’t handmade a nice idea for a present.  Her shop includes household items; I looked around and found this great pillow, that any guy would enjoy having on an easy chair or in his dorm room, like advertised.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Sales at The Storybeader's Bookshelf

The BBArtisans are participating in Holiday Sales again this year.
So don't forget to come by our team blog on November 21st and see all the links.
My shop (Storybeader's Bookself) on Etsy will start its sale
beginning  November 29th  (Black Friday).  The sale will continue through
December 15th.  You can receive 20% off any item.
Just email the Storybeader and I'll make your purchase a special order!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BBArtisans November Challenge and Glue It Tuesday - Fall Colors

This month, the BBArtisans team challenge is brought to us by Edi (Memories for Life), Team Captain and custom scrapbook maker/laser engraver.  November is the end of Autumn (winter actually begins Dec 21st this year), and Edi is giving us a chance to create one last fall inspired piece.      

wooden lasered leaf, made by Edi for a teammate

At the end of the month, come visit the BBArtisans team blog and see all the great artwork.  Also beginning November 21st, come by and find out who’s participating in the BBA Holiday Sales. 

So, what did I decide to do for the Fall Colors Challenge?  Well, I’ve been wanting to use my art journal again as a personal diary.  And now was the perfect time to start, with so many things happening in my life.  I’ve always had a thing for diaries since I was a little girl.  And I know if I don’t write my feelings down, I loose my thoughts as the years pass. 

My November BBArtisans Challenge spread actually began with a fortune cookie, from a luncheon last week with co-workers.  It got me thinking about my life to come.  Yes, it’s a little silly to believe in fate through cookies, but it’s fun to speculate about the unknown.

This Friday and Saturday I’ll be a Holiday Bazaar vendor at the Unitarian Universalist Church.  While making my new Mini-Books, I ended up with a bunch of paper strips.  A perfect opportunity for a new art journal spread!  Some of the strips were wide enough for me to punch circles (I love circles!)  I used Liquidex Gloss Gel Medium to affix them to the page.  The pages were a bit sticky, so I decided to paint some clear gesso over the spread.  Mission accomplished, except the gesso is a bit rough to the touch.  Has this happened to you?

Anyway, lots of things came with my fortune cookie: a nice lunch, an art journal spread, the November BBArtisans Challenge, a Glue It Tuesday post, a new approach to my art journal, and hopefully sunshine into someone's life!  Don’t forget to come by Aimee’s blog (Artsyville) and see all the wonderful glue projects.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Goals for November / December 2013

Hard to believe it’s already the second weekend of the month and I’ve posted just ONCE before!  But, I look at it this way: it’s something I can improve on.  So I’ve decided to look at the things that are important to me, and create some goals around them.

Getting back to my artwork, Blog and Etsy shop.
One way I can help the Storybeader is by cleaning up my work space (again) and sitting down with the supplies at hand.  I did register for a Holiday Craft Fair next week at the Unitarian Universalist Church (816 W. Gore Blvd, Lawton), and have been making some inexpensive Mini Notebooks to bring with me - along with my handmade journals and paper beads.  If you’re in Southwest Oklahoma, come by and see me.    

In the weeks ahead, I'll be looking for some new blogging ideas and making sure I'm a more active BBArtisans teammate.  That includes keeping up with team obligations.  This morning, I created a new Etsy treasury for November called Gift Ideas for Kids.

Eating healthier.
Since I’m a single woman now, I need to make an effort to shop and prepare healthy foods.  That’s going to be interesting!  One of my good blogging friends from AlphabeThursday, Rocky Mountain Woman, has the most delicious looking recipes.  Here’s her Quinoa Salad.   And she always includes wine suggestions on her blog.  Check it out!  I’ll be looking for some good, cold weather recipes for the coming winter; thinking about cooking on the weekends, with the crockpot…

Pay some attention to my little ol’ cottage. 
I’m excited about rearranging the house and getting the smoky residue out of the curtains and rugs.   Guess I’ll have to wait until Spring to strip the paint from that second shutter door (behind the chair).  I’ll have my master bedroom back next week, after we clean the carpeting and move the furniture.  Buster (who’s a bit hairy but not too bad) loves hanging out on the bed.  We’ll see…  I’d love to buy a couch or daybed, for sitting around with friends.  But I’ll be watching my money very carefully for the next few months, so some of these things might end up on my wish list. 

I’m sure these goals will keep me more than busy for many months to come.  Send me your favorite (and easy) recipes - never thought I’d say that before!  And stay tuned. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

October BBArtisans Treasuries

Lots of activities were going on for me in October.  And now the month is over!  
One thing I was remiss in accomplishing was curating a treasury for my BBArtisans team on Etsy.  Please excuse me, mates!  I will be sure to create one for November.

Judy (MisterPenQuin) is an avid Etsy seller and promoter.  
She placed me in TWO of her treasuries, Every Leaf in Autumn ins a Flower and Harmony in Autumn.  

Here are two of her mini doodle books, which I adore.   
Always joking around!

Following the seasonal theme, Linda (Lindab 142) featured one of my art journals in her treasury, Fall leaves us breathless.  This pretty stretch bracelet includes brown jasper and red agate gemstones.  She made her set (matching earrings) for the BBArtisans October challenge: to create something for the Fall.

I didn’t realized it was World Animal Day on October 4th, but Duni (PeriDotbyDuni) remembered.   She knows that most of the BBArtisans (including herself) are avid animal lovers.  How did I end up in an animal treasury?  Because of my repurposed wildlife animal sketchbooks!  I’m always learning something new about women’s wear when I visit Duni’s shop.  Like what an infinity scarf is!  Here’s her olive green and white infinity scarf, with instructions on how to wear it!  Thanks Duni!

Kathy (tapestry316) created a treasury that matched perfectly with some of the handmade paper beads I’m selling in my shop.  The treasury is called Black and White and Red all Over.  Most of her artwork are drawings of her horses.  Here’s Blaze – isn’t this beautiful!  

The weather at the end of October always turns cold in Oklahoma.  It probably hit Trina (trinasclaycreations) a little sooner, where she lives in Michigan.  Maybe that’s what she was thinking of, when she created her treasury, As the Seasons Change.  She included my snowman collage,  I ♥ Snow.  I’m happy to see her line of Christmas ornaments in her shop.  
This is a favorite: a polymer clay snowgirl!

Opps, I have a correction about one of the treasuries, created by Natasha called Color me Floral.  So sorry I messed that up.  I'm not really sure that she has anything with flowers in her shop, since her theme has more to do with the ocean.  But I did notice these cute little turtles, and everyone know I just love turtles!

There’s lots of links to follow, not only to my Etsy shop, but also to the featured BBArtisans’ tresuries and shops.  Help me give thanks to the teammates who featured me throughout the month.   

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