Monday, March 3, 2014

Growing with Sewing #6 - thread positioning

When you are sewing with a machine and you care how the opposite side or “wrong” side looks, I learned that you need to sew with both threads on the top of your fabric.  That means pulling up the bobbin thread to the top.  Now, if you don’t sew this might not be a big deal, but it was to me.  I want my quilt to look nice on both sides!  And I guess I’m a perfectionist and want to follow all instructions.

My method was to put the pressure foot down, holding the top thread firmly to the left,  and pull.  BUT, what was happening was the bobbin thread wouldn’t always grab hold and come up to the top of the fabric.  You can tell by the pile of thread I have, what troubles I was going through.  And I found that others were having the same trouble.  What was I doing wrong?

Well, I was pushing the bobbin thread to the right before placing my fabric under the pressure foot.  I thought (for some reason), since I was holding the top thread to the left, the bobbin thread should go in the opposite direction.  WRONG!  The whole idea is to catch the bobbin thread with your top thread.  Now it seems perfectly reasonable to have it “in the way,” so to speak.

So if you’re having trouble pulling your bobbin thread up with a simple stitch of your machine, put the thread in the front (see above).  It makes the sewing go much quicker!

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pasqueflower said...

Great tip! Burying the knots is tedious, but it does make for a prettier finish.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Another great tip! Thanks!

Nadine said...

That's one of those things you hardly think about, but it does make a huge difference when you're pulling up that bobbin thread, doesn't it? :-)

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