Thursday, June 26, 2014

AlphabeThursday - F is for Fall

Well, I fell through the ceiling last week, from the attic into the bedroom.  Landed on my back, on the floor.  You read right.  It was a stupid mistake, to place my foot on the sheetrock between the beams.  I was actually looking for a water leak above in the bedroom, or what I thought was a leak.  Didn't find anything.  Not moving around much and I'm in awful pain.  Wish I had stronger pain medicine but it’s a form of codeine and is addictive.  The MRI says the injury is a compression fracture to my T12 vertebrate.  Have an outpatient procedure which injects a plaster.  In two weeks!  Have heard some about it.  Anybody else heard about it?

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

AlphabeThursday - E is for Eyewash Cup

Last week I started taking objects out of our “Doctor’s Office” exhibit.  I photographed them, updated the collections database, and got them ready for Collections storage.  Hopefully by January 2015, when we close the Museum, the exhibit area will be ready for the demolition crew.    

This cobalt blue eyewash cup was in the Doctor’s Office.  I decided to search online and learn a little more about it.  Most surviving eyewash cups are made with colored glass; some have stems like this one, some without.  You can buy one like it on Ebay for about $50.  

Around 1937, Wyeth Laboratories in Philadelphia registered a weak boric acid solution called Collyrium. It refers to a solid medication that you dissolved in fluid for cleaning the eye.  The medicine came in blue bottles with a matching stopper and eye wash cup.  Nowadays, people just use eye drops!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

AlphabeThursday - D is for Drizzle

What a nice weekend I had.  Every time I returned home from being out, rain fell from the sky.  Luckily, it cooled down the neighborhood, and watered the yard for me.  This is unusual, as far as drought-stricken Oklahoma is concerned. 

Saturday I did my shopping, completed chores, and went to the afternoon  Chautauqua workshop at the Museum.  In the evening was the last performance at City Hall.  The planning committee took the scholars out to dinner after listening to Theodore Roosevelt speak!   

Sunday, it drizzling all day.  Funny… I would never have thought up the word “drizzle” unless it was raining like it did. 

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

AlphabeThursday - C is for Chautauqua

This week is the City of Lawton’s 8th Chautauqua in a row.  If you don’t remember, or know, the Chautauqua is a week of learning about five characters in American history, through lectures and stage performances.  This year's theme is “A crisis of confidence: the war that changed the world.”  The first world war, the war to end all wars.

These scholars will be traveling to three Oklahoma cities; our city is the first to receive them.  They will be portraying (as seen above) Woodrow Wilson, Emma Goldman, Henry James, Edith Wharton and Theodore Roosevelt.  I’m on the planning committee so it’s going to be a busy week for me.  Every day there are two lectures, one at the museum.  And at night there is either a performance or a party!  Should be a fun time.  If you live in the area, performances are in the City Hall auditorium (the old high school) in the evening.  And lectures are at Cameron University Little Theater (10am) and the Museum of the Great Plains (2pm).  Don’t miss it – it’s always entertaining.

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