Thursday, October 30, 2014

AlphabeThursday – Living with your X

Been there.  Done that.

Actually, that’s the title for chapter X in Letter Perfect : the marvelous history of our alphabet from A-Z.  I bought this book back in July, after reading a little excerpt somewhere on the web.  The New York Times Book Review gave it a nice review, starting with “as fun to read as it is enlightening.”    

Author David Sacks writes, “As an initial letter, X ranks dead last.  It’s the one that appears last at the start of English words.”  So that’s why so many of us at AlphbeThursday have such a hard time thinking up words for X!  This is probably one week that a lot of us in Ms. Jenny’s class will be playing hookie.  

But I’m here!  I know I’ve been gone for a while.  I needed a break from the computer as a whole.  Now my bedroom is painted and the furniture (including the computer) is back.   Along with boxes from the second bedroom, which I plan to paint next.  Here’s my crazy quilt on the bed.  Don’t think I’ve shown it off yet online.  My last post was about sashing… 

I also started 21 Secrets this month (my art journaling workshop.)  And I’m thrilled.  I finished my first project this past weekend with Jill K. Berry, called “Map to Happy.”  All I needed was lots of photos, a piece of mat board, and a plan.  It’s actually a gameboard of what makes me happy.  The map goes through many themes, starting with artwork (bottom right), things that make me laugh, and goes through favorite things relating to my senses.  Then good friends, lots of my artwork, things that I’m proud of, places I’d like to go see, and places I’ve been.  At the end of my map is family.  That’s my grandfather and four older cousins in the middle.  They are all so young – very cute.  X marks the spot!    

Ms. Jenny’s AlphabeThursday “class” is a blast.  So come and visit!  I’ll be passing on more  information about the English alphabet; some historical and interesting tidbits.  Join in or just read and make friends. 

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