Sunday, November 2, 2014

21 Secrets - Collage, Transfer & Glaze

 “Mary carried the large pumpkin out to the front stoop.”

Collage is one of my favorite mixed media techniques.  That’s why I decided to delve into Cathy Bluteau’s workshop called “Collage, Transfer & Glaze” from 21 Secrets.  

After I bought a few supplies, everything was in place.   I started with a flat canvas, something I’ve never done before.  Then added dictionary pages and thin receipt paper.  Cathy suggested we use napkins.  Since I couldn’t find any tissue paper around the house, I was glad I got the napkins at the dollar store (those are the autumn butterflies.)  Found a cute little girl carrying a pumpkin online, even though Cathy had some silhouettes available for us to use.  The image went well with the colors, I thought.  Thing is, it didn’t fully transfer, so I used a black marker to fill out the figure.

The next step was to add color onto the canvas.  I think green and orange go well together, and the butterflies had a nice olive tone in them.  So that was the color I chose.  In the  end, I inserted black lines from a rolling stamp, white dots with sequin waste and orange circles.  The little girl spoke to me, and Mary was her name. 

 As I said before, this was my first try with using a flat canvas in my artwork.  That was a thrill.  I bought a package of three, so I have two more to play with.  Maybe in the future I’ll try a cradle panel board or birch board, which were also suggestions from the supply list.  Thanks, Cathy!  I had loads of fun and learned a lot.


pasqueflower said...

I love this piece, Deb! So many fun little details!

Splendid Little Stars said...

looks wonderful! said...

Thanks again Deb. Your piece turned out beautifully. Hope you make more!

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