Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Review - Citizens of London

Before I forget about my Book Club selection for October, I wanted to come out and recommend what we read.  Written by Lynne Olson, it’s called Citizens of London: the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour.  Olson looks at the lives of three men living in London, before and through World War II: U.S. ambassador to Britain John Winant,  European head of CBS (radio) news Edward R. Murrow, and Averell Harriman, FDR’s representative who ran the Land-Lease program in London.

Olson does a great job in bringing London to life.  She tells us what was going on in the men’s public and private lives through painstaking research.   I think we all have set ideas about what World War II was like.  Many Americans believe we swept in and saved the day.  Maybe that's true to some extent, but not everyone would agree.  The British and Europeans went through bloody hell for years before Pearl Harbor.  This book helped me understand why certain things happened in.

If you enjoy history, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this book.  Great stocking stuffer!

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EG CameraGirl said...

I didn't know Americans thought they'd saved the day in WW!!! I learn so much blogging. This sounds like a great book.

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