Monday, December 15, 2014

Role of the Dice

I bumped into a favorite art journaler, while reading in a new magazine my mom got me, called Cloth Paper Scissors.  The artist’s name: Caroyln Dube.  She’s also one of my 21 Secrets instructors.  In the article, Carolyn writes about the inner critic in her head, telling her what to do.  Or not to do.  Funny, I have that same voice, telling me I’m not an artist and I can’t do this or that very well.  I guess that’s why I enjoy blog challenges; it keeps my critic at bay.    

About Carolyn’s article:  she came up with the idea of making dice, to tell you what to do.  Leaving it up to “the roll of the dice.”  When I was out shopping on Saturday, I bought a set of Mickey Mouse blocks.  Sunday I was hanging out with a lot of acrylics on my craft table, and decided to get the blocks a little dirty.  I used them to stamp paint in my journal; then sprayed some water on the page, to get the paint moving.  I’ll decide what else to do later.  And of course, how to cover the sides of the blocks with some Dos and Don’ts.  That should quiet some of the “mental prattle” (as Carolyn puts it) in my head.  

If you’re into crafts and paints, you might enjoy Cloth Paper Scissor. Carolyn’s article is in the November/December 2014 issue.  I’ll be writing more about my dice later.  


Susan Anderson said...

We all need to keep that inner critic at bay and keep on creating!


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