Wednesday, January 28, 2015

AlphabeThursday - All about the Letter K

The Letter “K” sound is for Keeps (stays the same), 
while the Letter “C” circulates between a hard K sound (as in Constant)
and a S sound (as in Certain).

Learn more about the alphabet and words 
that start with the Letter K in AlphabeThursday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AlphabeThursday - J is for January

When I think of the calendar, my mind starts with the month of January.  The first month of the year, the month that we are in currently, my birthday’s month.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I have calendars everywhere.  And I see January all over the place.  There’s a cloth calendar that hangs on my wall, right next to my computer, at home.  A very handy place.

Then on my computer there are two or three calendars.  The one that I like the best in my Goggle calendar.  It’s on the screen at work whenever I’m there – half my life!  I like to look at the calendar by the whole month, not one week or day at a time.  I took this photo mid-month; lots of people were on vacation at the beginning of the month, for the holidays.  I recommend this calendar if you’re trying to schedule more than one person.  It would probably work for everybody at home too.  

I can expect a Sierra Club calendar every year with great photographs, a gift from my brother.  Since there are so many calendars around the house, I decided to put this one under my Roku box, out in the living room.  As the weeks roll by, I turn the pages and get to see a new photograph.

This is probably the most useful calendar I have.   I make a table with Mircosoft Word, and fit the days in the boxes.  Then the month; It’s January!  I print it out on a sheet of paper and keep track of my bills.  Yes, call me an organizational freak; I know I am.  But it works very well and is easy to do.  I use Word tables all the time – at work and at home.   

My overall favorite calendar is in my art journal.  I make a new one every month.  Right now, you can see I'm in the middle of January.  There is a big different between a new calendar, with only geometric lines, and a colorful mosaic when the month is finished.  This calendar keeps me doing a little bit of artwork everyday, even if I don’t have time or the inclination.   

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AlphabeThursday - I is for Icicles

It’s been very cold this last month.  And the word icicles come to mind.  Just in time for AlphabeThursday’s Letter I.   As I look out the back window, I remind myself to put gutters on the backside of my house.  Last year, I had to replace an exterior wall because dripping water ruined the facade.  Recently, icicles have been hanging.  But when the weather warmed up, they dripped away, against the building again!  No photo available, just a drawing.

I really like how my letter I came out.  But I thought my page needed a bit more depth.  First off, the white icicles didn’t show up well so I added a colored background.  But it still wasn’t done.  

This is the time when you have to take the plunge and trust yourself.  I added some red ink with a faded text block stamp and a leaf stamp I carved myself.  Stenciling with sequin waste is always a favorite.  I chose Ranger Archival inks’ aquamarine blue; they are acid free and waterproof.  I also wrote down some thoughts with a new black Zig pigment pen.  Now it’s finished!  Quite a difference with the additional color.

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over at Ms. Jenny’s site, …off on my tangent…

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

AlphabeThursday - H is for Home

This month I decided I would work on my house again.  It wasn’t that long ago when I was moving furniture around and sewing my quilt!  That’s all finished now and my work table has paper on it instead of fabric. There are loads of boxes all over the house; it made it easier to move lots of STUFF around quickly, when I was painting walls.  But the painting is finished and the boxes are still full.  In the boxes are papers I want to keep, plastics I want to recycled, clothes that I’ll never wear again, and gifts that just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore.  So the plan is to open them all and decide what to do with everything.

I made a little sewing corner in my master bedroom and will move back in, once I get my new bed.  I also hung some artwork on the walls.  These two framed pieces of embroidery (above) I bought at a museum conference auction.  They will live above my sewing machine… once I get a sewing table! 

This lovely lithograph used to hang in my parent’s bedroom in New Jersey.  Now it’s hanging in my master bedroom; called The Secret Garden by Jean Schonwalter. 

Another thing I started to do was shred paper, so I wouldn’t have to buy more filing cabinets.  Call me crazy, but I have a system of current billings, older important documents, and papers I don’t need anymore, headed for the shredder.  I guess that’s the librarian in me – very organized.  

Here’s the first spread in my 2015 art journal.  It’s for AlphabeThursday: Letter H.  “Home is where the heart is.”  The verso of the folded sheet opens to my January calendar.  My actually house doesn’t have a chimney or a fireplace, but I’ve always wanted one.  So I stenciled “bricks” for the exterior, and “lit” a fire. 

 Come see what other bloggers and web designers have to say about the Letter H, over at Ms. Jenny’s site,  …off on my tangent…
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