Wednesday, February 18, 2015

AlphabeThursday - N is for New

When something isn’t working right, it’s a good idea to try something NEW.  That’s what I did.  As I look back on what’s been going on for the past few years, I see a lot of NEW things.  Rather than bore you with the details of my life, I thought I’d just show you one slice of my life: NEW art.

If you’ve followed my blog, you have seen my NEW handmade quilt.  It’s been keeping me warm this winter.  I now have a greater appreciation for quilters; it took me almost a year to complete mine.  BTY, my bed now lives in the bedroom I painted a couple of months ago – very proud of that!

Last Saturday, Valentine’s Day ❤, I configured a NEW weekly calendar for my art journal.  Previously, I’ve always made artsy, monthly calendars.  With so many NEW things happening, I decided to give myself a little more space for journaling. 

The page started out with a splatter sheet from my art table.  I cut the sheet down to size and stamped/cut some circles for it.  Next I glued down strips from more used paper to delineate day blocks.  While sitting around, watching TV, I’ve been doodling on the sheet.  That’s something NEW I hope to do more in the future.  Do you doodle?

Come see what other bloggers and web designers have to say about the Letter N, over at Ms. Jenny’s site,  …offon my tangent…

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

AlphabeThursday - M is for Money

Money and finances have been on my mind since the beginning of the year.   It’s become a real problem.  I knew this day would come, when my revolving credit line could not support me anymore and I’d have to go to the bank, begging for a loan.  But I decided to do something else instead: declare bankruptcy.  

Now I don’t know how many of you out there have declared bankruptcy.  I thought I’d never do it.  But it’s much different than I expected.  Because I have a steady income, I can’t file for Chapter 7, where all your property (usually excluding house and car) is sold and turned into money to pay your creditors.  I will be filing for Chapter 13, where a lawyer will bring my case before a federal judge.  If the judge approves my repayment plan and budget, a trustee will be appointed to collect payments from me and make sure I “live up to the plan.”  So, instead of paying a local bank interest for a number of years, I will be “supporting” the legal system for five.  And find some peace of mind.  

What’s going on with other AlphabeThursday posters?  
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